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20150312_133732 (3)We never intended to have a dog. When my husband was alive he banned living fluffy things in the house so when the boys craved a dog we went dog walking at the local rescue centre. This led to me also saying no to dogs due to the realisation that it would be me dealing with the mess; hair; smell; rainy walks and having to pick up poo. The boys ended up with guinea pigs and I had chickens in the garden.

Everything changed last year however. My dear husband got an illness called MDS (a form of leukaemia) and sadly passed away in May 2014.

With my eldest son at university and my youngest due to leave soon, my friend decided I really should have some company. She introduced me to her beautiful two Bichon Frise dogs and I was converted! These dogs didn’t moult; were just the right size; were clean and affectionate and well just adorable.

When Ben went off to view Universities and I had a couple of nights on my own, I realised just how quiet and lonely it was going to be in the house so I went on-line to see just how much a Bichon would cost and came across and advert for a Poochon. It was love at first sight; I was completely smitten and so a few weeks later Zuki came into my life. I have never looked back – she is my perfect companion; loyal; fun; good natured; loving and everything I could ask for in a pet. Oh and now I don’t mind mess if it is hers; love spoiling her and really enjoy the long walks (even in the rain!).

There is just one thing – Zuki hates me leaving her and working from home meant she was used to me being around. But what if I wanted to go away?  I had to leave Jack back to Manchester and didn’t want to do the journey all in one day. That is when I found my first dog friendly hotel. We stayed at the Palace Hotel in Manchester and it was really good! SO I decided that I could have a dog and still travel – that was when the idea was born. I know there are other websites who list pet friendly hotels and places to stay but not all regions are covered and not many are mobile friendly.

I decided to set up Have Dog Can Travel to address the gaps and cover all regions as well as cities. When I spoke to dog owners I meet up with locally at the park; in the woods etc. they all seemed to have one pet friendly place they went to but would like to know of more and most only looked at self-catering but would like to consider a hotel sometimes. They also wanted me to note whether they could have more than one dog on the site as that can often be an issue and they really wanted a list of ‘proper’ dog friendly places as many say they are but more or less just put up with the dogs and aren’t very friendly at all. SO here we have it ‘Have Dog Can Travel’ has begun its journey and I will start mine with Zuki when Ben leaves for University.

Until then I will list as many places as I can find that really will welcome you and your dog and review as soon as we get to visit them. We have started the Dog Blog at places I visit both at home here in Nottinghamshire and in Norfolk where I have a caravan. I aim to work my way round the UK and who knows where next!

Feel free to put forward your recommendations to me and I will check them out so we spread the word!

Wishing you all great travels!

Hazel (and Zuki) xx

The Dog Blog

  • Dog Socks blue

    Win a Pair of Customised Dog Socks!!!!

    Hi dog pals, Guess which colour pair of socks I am ordering and your human can get a pair with your lovely face on! Hum was contacted by Andrew Epprecht who is a college student and entrepreneur at Duke University. He recently started a custom sock company with his brother called OurSock.com. https://www.oursock.com/ The socks are [...]
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  • bring your dog to work day 0

    Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Friday 22nd June

    Office Doors Open Wide to Canine Co-workers Pets are taking centre stage today for Bring Your Dog to Work Day and the launch of the 6th annual Family Pet Show at EventCity Manchester. The Family Pet Show hosted an event in Manchester’s most pet friendly offices, WeWork, where work space was taken over by furry [...]
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  • st pancras 00

    The best way to spend spare time at St. Pancras station with your dog!

    Hello my dog pals, You MUST get your Humans to read this! Hum has found simply the BEST way for us to spend spare time at St. Pancras station while waiting for the train! The Hansom Lounge at the 5 Star St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is really DOG FRIENDLY and so you can stop for a [...]
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  • Zuki's 4th birthday17

    Happy 4th Birthday Zuki!!!!

    Hi pup pals, It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to!!!!!! Well actually Hum & Glenn did my birthday celebrations yesterday ‘cos we was in Norfolk at the seaside which was much more fun! The WHOLE day was all about ME and I LOVED it!!!!! The day started with a play on the [...]
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  • Boat & Horses Dog Friendly 1

    Zuki visits the dog friendly Boat & Horses, Chadderton, Oldham, Manchester

    Hi again Dog Friends, When Hum & I was in Manchester and staying at Travelodge Oldham, we ate at the dog friendly Boat & Horses Pub. @BoatandHorses ; @JWLeesBrewery The Boat & Horses is right beside the Travelodge Hotel and beside the canal so in a great location. Hum loved that you could sit outside in [...]
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  • Travelodge Oldham Dog Friendly 0

    Zuki’s stay at Travelodge, Oldham, Manchester

    Hi my dog friends, Hum & I were back in Manchester, this time at the Travelodge Olham @TravelodgeUK as she was doing some training nearby and I must say our visit started SO well… The Travelodge Olham was very easy to get to for Hum (she isn’t good at following Mrs SatNav’s instructions usually but managed [...]
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