Blackpool Beach

In Blackpool, any dogs on the Promenade area between the road and the beach must be kept on a lead.

During the summer, when it is especially busy with families using the beach, there is just one area that the council have asked to be dog free.

The other 9km of Blackpool’s beaches are free for people to walk their dogs on and they encourage them to do so.

After consultation with dog owners and other beach users, certain dog control orders came into force in 2014.

From the beginning of May until the end of September, dogs are excluded from:

  • Blackpool beach between North Pier and South Pier,
  • Cleveleys beach between the Groyne at the end of Beach Road up to the Groyne opposite the Harvester
  • Marine beach at Fleetwood between the slipway at the end of Promenade Road up to the former Fleetwood Pier site.

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