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Guest Post – How to stay safe when walking in the countryside this summer

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The summer is here and the sun is shining: what a great time to go for a walk in the countryside with your pooch! Kathryn Eccles from country and equestrian store Millbry Hill gives her advice for keeping yourself and your dog safe while you’re out in the countryside this season. The summer is the [...]

Zuki visits Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park (John Fowler Holidays)

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Hi Dog Pals, I has just spent the weekend at the Dog Friendly Combe Martin Holiday Park. I was invited by the Sales Director of John Fowler Holiday Parks (@JohnFowlerHols) to try out their new dog friendly Platinum Caravans! Hum and GlennDad came with me to be my chauffeur and to carry my bags. John [...]

Gifts Made Personal – present for Zuki

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Hi Dog pals, Another day, another gift for little old me 😊 This morning a parcel arrived from Gifts Made Personal ; @gifts_made Gifts Made Personal sell all sorts of lovely things for human folk including: Travel Accessories – passport covers; luggage tags Kitchen Accessories – plates; mugs; wooden spoons; aprons; chopping boards etc. Stationary – pencil [...]

Zuki’s 5th Birthday – Clumber Park & Central Bark

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Hi dog friends, It’s my birthday! I am 5 years of age now – a proper grown up girl! We celebrated on Sunday as on the first Sunday of every month there is a dog walk at Clumber Park which Hum and GlennDad thought I would enjoy. Human-folk and their doggies meet at the dog [...]

A dog owner’s guide to the countryside code – by Sean Whiting, Houghton Country

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Hi my doggie friends, Spring has finally sprung and what’s better than a lovely spring walk in the countryside with man’s best friend? Sean Whiting, from equestrian and country specialists Houghton Country, has given us his expert advice on how you can respect the countryside and keep your dog safe this season. Who doesn’t love [...]

Zuki’s day out with the family at Dinosaur Escape, Adventure Golf

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Hi there my dog pals, On Saturday, I got the family invited to the dog friendly Dinosaur Escape, Adventure Golf in Northolt, only about 8 miles from our Houseboat. Dinosaur Escape is one of 4 Adventure Golf sites around the Greater London area run by Adventure Experience and all of them allow us four-legs to [...]

Zuki is the Ring Bearer at our Wedding at Hodsock Priory

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Hi again my dog pals, Hum & Glenn got married in February at the dog friendly Hodsock Priory and as I had brought them together in the first place, I had a very special role as the ring bearer! @HodsockPriory  Now dog peeps, that is THE MOST IMPORTANT role as those rings seal the marriage so [...]

Guest Post – Dog Friendly Wedding Venues

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Dog Friendly Wedding Venues We knew it was on the cards - our owners have decided to get hitched! Amongst much tail wagging and wriggling and pushing and shoving, it dawned on us - would we be able to go along for more than the ride? We love a good wedding as much as the [...]

Guest Post – How to Travel with Your Dog by Train

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Hi my dog pals, As I am sure you are aware, I am a very well traveled little dog and have had several lovely train journeys. However, if your humans are new to taking you on this form of transport, George Moss, a professional freelance writer has sent me this article to share with you! [...]

Guest Post – Training Yourself 101: Tips For How To Become A Great Dog Parent

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Hi my doggie friends, The lovely Emma Cook sent Hum & me this article which should help your humans if they are new dog parents :-) If you’re a new dog parent, get ready for one of the most fun, rewarding responsibilities of your life. Having a dog, to some, can simply seem like unnecessary work. [...]