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The Kings Head, Hoveton, Norfolk

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Hi again dog friends, Thought I might take you back with me to Wroxham, Norfolk to check out another dog friendly venue we found. Well actually The Kings Head is really in Hoveton but Wroxham and Hoveton seem to join up so I was never sure which one I was in!!! According to the info: [...]

Broad Tours, Wroxham, Norfolk

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Hello again dog friends, I promised you I would tell you about the boat trip we went on in Norfolk. It was Hum’s friend Tessa’s surprise birthday party and it was on the Norfolk Broads with Broad Tours. Hum was very happy ‘cos she loves a boat trip and she loves Norfolk and she loves [...]

Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

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Hey Dog Friends, So at the weekend Hum’s brother-in-law, Gerard was over from America and they decided to take me out into Derbyshire for a visit. Now Hum had been looking recently to see if there were dog friendly places to go in Derbyshire and discovered Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath. Well she discovered it [...]

Hotel Wroxham, Norfolk

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Well my dog pals, It is a small world it seems. Human Mum (Hum) was invited to her friend Tessa’s birthday party which took place on a boat in the Norfolk Broads (will tell you all about that later) and she booked us into the Dog Friendly Hotel Wroxham. Well what do you know - [...]

The Globe Inn, Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk

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Hi Dog pals, I forgot to tell you about another place Human Mum (Hum) took me when we were down in Norfolk. We had heard from a nice man walking his Dalmatian on the Buttlands (grassy place) in Wells-Next-the-Sea, that the Globe Inn had rooms where dogs could stay and that they were really nice! [...]

Zuki’s new BioSafe Toy

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Hi my doggie pals, Human Mum (Hum) went out shopping today to get Ben some stuff for University where he is going to be educated apparently 'cos he needs it apparently....nuff said. Anyway when she came back home she had got me a present! I LOVE when Hum goes shopping 'cos she often buys me stuff [...]

The Devonshire Fell, Yorkshire

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Hey dog pals, Last stop at another lovely dog friendly place that I can really recommend to you. This is the Devonshire Fell in Yorkshire and we set off from Scotland and drove here with Hum getting grumpy and saying lots of what I am sure are naughty words to sat nav lady as she took us [...]

Trigony House Hotel, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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Well Well Dog Pals, Have I got news for you! I think I have just found THE NUMBER 1 Dog Friendly Hotel EVER!!!! We were later than intended getting to Trigony House Hotel as silly Hum managed to lock her keys in the boot of the car at her Mum’s house and so we had [...]

The Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro, Bangor, Northern Ireland

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Hi again Dog Pals, Our next stop on Our Big Adventure was at a seaside place called Bangor. The hotel was called The Salty Dog and had pictures of dogs around; the wall paper had stylized dogs and salt shakers on and there were paw prints on the walls and even on the waiters’ shirts! [...]

Hilton Belfast Templepatrick Golf & Country Club, Northern Ireland

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Hi again my dog friends, From Scotland Hum took me on a big floaty on the water thing called a Ferry which looked quite interesting until I was told I had to stay in the car on my own. Well I made sure when Hum came back that she knew where the car was as [...]