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The Globe Inn, Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk

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Hi Dog pals, I forgot to tell you about another place Human Mum (Hum) took me when we were down in Norfolk. We had heard from a nice man walking his Dalmatian on the Buttlands (grassy place) in Wells-Next-the-Sea, that the Globe Inn had rooms where dogs could stay and that they were really nice! [...]

Zuki’s new BioSafe Toy

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Hi my doggie pals, Human Mum (Hum) went out shopping today to get Ben some stuff for University where he is going to be educated apparently 'cos he needs it apparently....nuff said. Anyway when she came back home she had got me a present! I LOVE when Hum goes shopping 'cos she often buys me stuff [...]

The Devonshire Fell, Yorkshire

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Hey dog pals, Last stop at another lovely dog friendly place that I can really recommend to you. This is the Devonshire Fell in Yorkshire and we set off from Scotland and drove here with Hum getting grumpy and saying lots of what I am sure are naughty words to sat nav lady as she took us [...]

Trigony House Hotel, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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Well Well Dog Pals, Have I got news for you! I think I have just found THE NUMBER 1 Dog Friendly Hotel EVER!!!! We were later than intended getting to Trigony House Hotel as silly Hum managed to lock her keys in the boot of the car at her Mum’s house and so we had [...]

The Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro, Bangor, Northern Ireland

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Hi again Dog Pals, Our next stop on Our Big Adventure was at a seaside place called Bangor. The hotel was called The Salty Dog and had pictures of dogs around; the wall paper had stylized dogs and salt shakers on and there were paw prints on the walls and even on the waiters’ shirts! [...]

Hilton Belfast Templepatrick Golf & Country Club, Northern Ireland

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Hi again my dog friends, From Scotland Hum took me on a big floaty on the water thing called a Ferry which looked quite interesting until I was told I had to stay in the car on my own. Well I made sure when Hum came back that she knew where the car was as [...]

Mabie House, Dumfries, Scotland

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Well my dog pals, Day 2 of our big adventure and we set off back on the big motorway road and headed north and into a different country! Next stop Mabie House in Scotland!!! And I must say Hum is quite good at this holiday organising – you really should get your Humans to get [...]

Longlands Inn & Restaurant, Lancashire

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Hey dog Pals, So I have started my BIG summer adventure to Northern Ireland where Hum’s Mum lives but will be stopping enroute to bring you some good dog friendly venues I hope! First stop was a place called Longlands Inn and Restaurant. Now this is JUST a REALLY short way from the BIG, NOISEY, [...]

Chiswick, London

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So my dear doggie friends, I am putting pen to paper (or rather paws to key board) to tell you more about my London adventure. We had gone to London for Hum’s little granddaughter’s birthday and as they lived in Chiswick that is where we spent some time. Chiswick has been chosen as one of [...]

Sage’s stay at Arundel House, Whitby

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Hello Doggy Friends, My name is Sage, and I visited Whitby with my Hum. We stayed at Arundel House – a B&B which we found on Zuki’s lovely website here – there are some REALLY good places to stay if you get your Humans to check out the ‘Listings’ page! Anyway we went to Arundel [...]