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Mabie House, Dumfries, Scotland

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Well my dog pals, Day 2 of our big adventure and we set off back on the big motorway road and headed north and into a different country! Next stop Mabie House in Scotland!!! And I must say Hum is quite good at this holiday organising – you really should get your Humans to get [...]

Longlands Inn & Restaurant, Lancashire

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Hey dog Pals, So I have started my BIG summer adventure to Northern Ireland where Hum’s Mum lives but will be stopping enroute to bring you some good dog friendly venues I hope! First stop was a place called Longlands Inn and Restaurant. Now this is JUST a REALLY short way from the BIG, NOISEY, [...]

Chiswick, London

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So my dear doggie friends, I am putting pen to paper (or rather paws to key board) to tell you more about my London adventure. We had gone to London for Hum’s little granddaughter’s birthday and as they lived in Chiswick that is where we spent some time. Chiswick has been chosen as one of [...]

Sage’s stay at Arundel House, Whitby

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Hello Doggy Friends, My name is Sage, and I visited Whitby with my Hum. We stayed at Arundel House – a B&B which we found on Zuki’s lovely website here – there are some REALLY good places to stay if you get your Humans to check out the ‘Listings’ page! Anyway we went to Arundel [...]

St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel

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Hi my doggie friends, OK so for our last night in London we did a shift in type of hotel – from Travelodge to the 5 star St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel! Now we have got this hotel listed on our website and I have been dying to go stay there! It is SO splendid a building! And [...]

Travelodge Kew Bridge, @travelodgeUK

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Hey dog pals, Our first hotel in London was Travelodge Kew Bridge. When we got here it was raining SO hard and everyone was soaking wet waiting to check in – just lots of people dripping everywhere! SO the poor people behind the reception desk didn’t have time to make a big fuss of me [...]

Transport for London @TfL

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Hey dog friends, Let me tell you the next part of my wonderful London adventure! When we got to London it was wet. And I mean WET! Not just a little bit of rain but a MASSIVE downpour. Lots and LOTS of rain. Hum had to stop and drag her and my raincoats out of [...]

Virgin Trains East Coast

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Hey Dog Pals, What a treat I had at the weekend! A REAL, PROPER grown-up adventure indeed!!! Hum (Human Mum) told me we were going to the big city of London for the weekend! And having new experiences - the first being Train Travel on Virgin Trains East Coast! She said it would be good [...]

The Bell Hotel, Saxmundham, Suffolk

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Hi my doggie friends, When we were in Suffolk last weekend we visited the Bell Hotel in Saxmundham near Happy Days Retro Vacations where we were staying in Betsy the Airstream. The Bell turned out to be a very nice place indeed and very dog friendly. We were welcomed by Luke the supervisor who made sure [...]

The Bell Inn, Walberswick, Suffolk

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Hi my doggie friends, The Bell Inn Walberswick was as really good find. After a not so promising time in Southwold and being told by locals (lovely couple with really friendly Boxer in tow) that they rated pubs in Walberswick better, Hum (Human Mum) and I set off back across on the Ferry to The [...]