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Sainsbury’s Cats versus Dogs Prize Draw

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Hi my doggy friends, Not to do with travel but Hum (Human Mum) and I were contacted by a very nice lady called Marta. Marta deals with the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog and as a fellow blogger she got in touch ‘cos she had seen my fabulous blog entries! How cool is that to [...]

Devonshire Arms, Pilsley, Derbyshire

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Hi my four-legged friends, After our lovely walk in the grounds of Chatsworth Estate, Hum took me to the Devonshire Arms at Pilsley. There are 5 hotels owned by Chatsworth Estate and 4 of them are dog friendly – Devonshire Arms, Beeley; Devonshire Arms, Bolton Abbey; Devonshire Fell, Skipton and The Devonshire Arms, Pilsley. As [...]

Chatsworth Estate

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Hello again dog friends, This weekend our walk was in Chatsworth Park. Hum (Human Mum) decided we could go there and then also view one of the Dog Friendly establishments owned by the estate. So off we set into Derbyshire and the Peak District with Hum muttering about how much she hates driving though a [...]

Pet Travel Tips 1

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Hi Doggie Friends, Over the next while you must keep checking in to my Dog Blog as Hum (Human Mum) and I will be giving you travel tips for all your exciting holiday destinations that you have found on Have Dog Can Travel to go to with your humans. Hum was most excited to find [...]

Castle Inn, Bakewell

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Hi Doggie peeps, My name is Eddy and Zuki’s Human Mum (Hum) met mine when she came in to buy Zuki a laptop so Zuki could do her blog better. As my Hum works in a computer shop I have access to lots of new and latest technology gadgety things and so have no probs [...]

Kings Mill Reservoir

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Hi dog friends, Went for a walk round Kings Mill Reservoir at the weekend. Hum (human Mum) likes it there although she gets a bit sad as you can see the hospital where her husband stayed when he was really, really ill most of the way round the lake. Still she likes the walk and I [...]

Dakota Nottingham

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Hi Dog Pals, So after Human Mum (Hum) took me to Newstead Abbey at the weekend for a walk, we went for a bite to eat and to check out the rooms at the Dakota, Nottingham. This is so close to where we live I am surprised Hum hasn’t brought me here before! And it [...]

Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire

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Hi dog pals, At the weekend we visited a place called Newstead Abbey. Newstead Abbey isn’t far from where we live and Human Mum (Hum) told me she often used to take the boys there when they were little. It was great to see all the places they used to enjoy exploring. We explored the [...]

Sleepover in Nottingham

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Hi my doggie friends, Had a sleepover with Hum's friend Debbie's two Bichons, Hugo and Alfie. Hum (human Mum) had gone to London - she had an award to present at some event and stayed in a non-dog-friendly hotel! How dare she! Naughty Hum! Anyway I got to meet Hugo and Alfie and had an [...]

Me and My Guide Dog

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Hi everyone, Looking forward to watching a show on ITV this evening at 8.00 p.m. Me and My Guide Dog follows a litter of puppies from birth, through training and then to placement (if they are successful). The pupils of West Bridgford School, Nottingham where my late husband worked have recently raised money to sponsor [...]