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Zuki reviews Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Treats

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Hi again dog pals, The lovely Lily’s Kitchen folk sent me a HUGE box with lots of Christmas goodies inside to sample and let your humans know what to get for your Christmas presents! (Lily's Kitchen; @lilyskitchen) Inside the box were Advent Calendars; boxes of biscuits and lots of Christmas crackers filled with treats. There [...]

Zuki visits Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool

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Hi dog pals, It has been a while since Hum took me on an adventure but at the weekend, I was invited to the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. (@hopestreet_LPL Hope Street Hotel & The London Carriage Works) Hum had met the lovely Charlotte at the Conference & Hospitality Show and Charlotte was keen to [...]

Guest Post – Dog Friendly Restaurants, Houston, Texas

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Hey Dog Pals, Looks like over in America the folk are dog friendly too! Do you love eating out, but can’t bear to be away from your pet pooch? With so many incredible places to eat in Texas’ coolest city, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Houston. From the most delicious [...]

Guest Post – Top Allergy Fixes for Dogs

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Top Allergy Fixes for Dogs Dogs unfortunately can suffer many different allergies which can result in unpleasant symptoms for your beloved pet, from itchy skin, sore feet or digestive issues, sickness and diarrhoea – none of which are pleasant for either the dog or their owner. It can be tempting to rush your dog straight [...]

Guest Post – Why Pet Cafes Are Springing Up Around The UK

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Whilst being a proud pet owner makes us happier and healthier too, for many of us, long hours at work, small rented flats and tight financial budgets means that owning our own pet is just not feasible. But, thanks to the latest phenomenon, there is now good news for animal lovers. The global movement of [...]

Guest Post – 5 Steps to Take Before Flying International With Your Dog

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Many people find traveling by airplane stressful, from going through crowded airports to shelling out your hard-earned bucks to pay the fares. So imagine how daunting it would be for your canine. Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure your beloved pooch has a comfortable and even fun flying experience. Check them out [...]

Ruff Guide to a Dog Friendly Home

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Dogs have been man's best friend for many years, and as we learn more and more about dogs we realise that they aren’t just our friends but can also be our heros. Dogs are now trained in many ways to improve people's lives, from helping people with PTSD to the classic sniffing out the baddies. [...]

Guest Post – Car Safety Tips for Dogs

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Guest Post by Morgan Antoinette Sometimes – whether you are going to the vet or just traveling – you may need to take your dog with you in your car. And that’s the right thing to do: when going out of state, you shouldn’t leave your dog alone in the house. He will feel secure [...]

The Essential Budget-Friendly Tools for Cleaning Up After Your Dog

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Guest Article by Tyler Evans It's a good thing dogs are cute and endlessly lovable - otherwise, there's no way we'd put up with the messes they cause in our homes. From muddy paws on the carpet to drool on the walls, the havoc dogs wreak in our homes is second only to the marks [...]

Guest Post – Tilly visits The Angel Hotel, Lavenham

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Hi my doggie friends, Feeling very excited as Hum, Dum and I are off on a little holiday to Suffolk. I know as they’ve been talking about it and they’ve packed the car up with my crate, favourite rugs and bag of toys. They’ve got my food (yum) and my drinking bowl. I watched them packing their bags too and [...]