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Dog Friendly Hotel of the Year 2017

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Hello all dog pals and your Humans, It is with great pleasure that I can announce the 2017 Have Dog Can Travel Dog Friendly Hotel of the Year ‘PAWARD’ had been presented to Trigony House, Dumfriesshire, Scotland! @Trigonyhotel  Hum & I visited Trigony back in 2015 and we returned in December on our way back from [...]

Stourport Manor, Worcestershire

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Hi dog pals, On Sunday Hum & I set off to Stourport Manor Hotel in Worcestershire. Stourport Manor is a Hallmark Hotel and we have many of them on the Listings on our website as they are a Dog Friendly Hotel Group. @HallmarkHotels In fact on 26th August 2016 Hallmark Hotels launched the Pawfect Package which offers [...]

Zuki Trys a Barc London Collar

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Hi Dog Pals & your Humans, Today Mr. Postman delivered a special parcel addressed to ME!!! It was sent to me special delivery from Barc London @barc_london. Barc London produces high-quality luxury dog accessories ranging from leads and collars to harnesses and they had sent me a gift to try and review for all my [...]

Zuki visits Hambleton Hall, Rutland

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Hi dog pals, On Sunday 24th Sept we set off to Hambleton Hall @Hambleton_Hall in Rutland which is the smallest county in England. Hambleton Hall is listed on our website and Hum chose it as the place to take Glenn for his 60th birthday as it is dog friendly so I could enjoy the event too [...]

United Kingdom of Cats and Dogs

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Hi my doggie friends, The lovely Kristy from Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog (www.sainsburysbank.co.uk/unitedkingdomofcatsanddogs) sent me this information to share with you Humans and I am pleased to say there are more people who prefer us dogs than those who prefer cats in the UK :-)   Pet Ownership 19% of UK households have a dog. 19% [...]

Congham Hall, Norfolk

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Hi again dog pals, Last weekend, I stayed at Congham Hall Hotel & Spa, @Congham_Hall in Norfolk. Now Congham Hall doesn’t want to get listed on my website as a Dog Friendly Hotel but rather they say they host dogs who come there with their owners. Not sure what the difference is my dog friends as they seemed [...]

The Vicarage, Cheshire

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Hi dog pals, Last night Hum & I stayed at the The Vicarage Freehouse & Rooms in Cheshire as I had been invited to review it. @VicarageChesh When we arrived we got an exceptionally friendly welcome from Karen who knew who we were and made a HUGE fuss of me. Excellent service from the start [...]

Zuki takes a Boat Trip on the River Thames

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Hi my doggie friends, On Sunday Hum wanted to do something relaxing so we went on a dog friendly boat trip along the River Thames. The company running the trips was Turk Launches and the boat goes from Richmond to Kingston and then if you want you can change boats and go to Hampton Court. @TurkLaunches We [...]

Zuki’s back in London at The Star & Anchor, Ealing

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Hello again Dog Pals, I have got another dog friendly place for you to visit in the big city of London! Hum was back in London for her little Granddaughter’s 4th birthday party but this time we didn’t have to stay in hotels; this time we stayed with Glenn Glenn who looked after me during [...]

Zuki’s Birthday Paw-ty

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Hi dog pals, Sorry to take so long to tell you about this but I has been a really busy little dog recently – had to sort my annual accounts and such-like. Anyways, Hum told me I simply MUST tell you all about my 3rd Birthday as I had a proper ‘Paw-ty’! A couple of [...]