Guest Post – Training Yourself 101: Tips For How To Become A Great Dog Parent

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Hi my doggie friends, The lovely Emma Cook sent Hum & me this article which should help your humans if they are new dog parents :-) If you’re a new dog parent, get ready for one of the most fun, rewarding responsibilities of your life. Having a dog, to some, can simply seem like unnecessary work. [...]

Dog Friendly Hovercraft Offer!!! Wow!!

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Hi my doggie friends, Half price hovercraft travel for dog owners (dogs always go free) To demonstrate their dog-friendly approach, Hovertravel is dedicating a weekend in March to encouraging dog owners to try the fastest ferry across the Solent. All dogs always travel free on Hovertravel and for Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March, adult [...]

Zuki reviews Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Treats

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Hi again dog pals, The lovely Lily’s Kitchen folk sent me a HUGE box with lots of Christmas goodies inside to sample and let your humans know what to get for your Christmas presents! (Lily's Kitchen; @lilyskitchen) Inside the box were Advent Calendars; boxes of biscuits and lots of Christmas crackers filled with treats. There [...]

Guest Post – Top Allergy Fixes for Dogs

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Top Allergy Fixes for Dogs Dogs unfortunately can suffer many different allergies which can result in unpleasant symptoms for your beloved pet, from itchy skin, sore feet or digestive issues, sickness and diarrhoea – none of which are pleasant for either the dog or their owner. It can be tempting to rush your dog straight [...]

Ruff Guide to a Dog Friendly Home

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Dogs have been man's best friend for many years, and as we learn more and more about dogs we realise that they aren’t just our friends but can also be our heros. Dogs are now trained in many ways to improve people's lives, from helping people with PTSD to the classic sniffing out the baddies. [...]

The Essential Budget-Friendly Tools for Cleaning Up After Your Dog

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Guest Article by Tyler Evans It's a good thing dogs are cute and endlessly lovable - otherwise, there's no way we'd put up with the messes they cause in our homes. From muddy paws on the carpet to drool on the walls, the havoc dogs wreak in our homes is second only to the marks [...]

Zuki says ‘Get involved in the Crazy Cake Challenge’!

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Calling all my Dog Pals and their Humans, Do please get involved in this great Charity Event! Forever Hounds Trust, a charity that rescues and rehomes greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds in the UK, are appealing for members of the public to sign up and get involved in a new fundraising event to help their [...]

Zuki tries an Illumiseen Collar!

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Hi dog pals, I is back wiv another review for you! I received a lovely pink Illumiseen Collar in the post and couldn’t wait to try it on! My Illumiseen collar arrived with a lovely letter from the Illumiseen Team addressed directly to me and letting me know that it was to keep me safe [...]

National Dog Day with Lily’s Kitchen

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Hi dog friends, Today is Nation Dog Day – Wowserz how cool is that my pals!!!!! #NationalDogDay To celebrate National Dog Day, Lily’s Kitchen have created a brand new Snack Bar and they sent me a box full of those and their other flavours to try out and to taste test with some friends. Their advertising [...]

Zuki checks out Storthes Hall Park – dog friendly Wedding & Events Venue

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Hi again my doggy friends, Recently we added Storthes Hall Park, the Dog Friendly wedding & events accommodation and The Venue, to our Listings. Now I want to provide all your human-folk with a dog’s eye view of Storthes Hall in case your family has a celebration or wedding coming up and want you to [...]