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Hello Doggy Pals,

My name is Zuki and I am Hum’s (Human Mum = Hum) travelling companion. We are setting off on an adventure round the country staying at Pet Friendly hotels; finding Pet Friendly places to eat and going to Pet Friendly beaches and places of interest. If you want your humans to take you to the pub where they give us proper doggy bags or the hotel where we get treats then introduce them to my Dog Blog.

As we travel I will be adding reviews and bits of useful info for your humans so they take you to really lovely places. I might let Hum do the occasional entry and will invite my doggy friends to review places they love too.

Enjoy your travels and keep checking the blog for new places.


Zuki xx

  • Guest Post – Best English Spots to take your Dog

    Holidaying with your family is a great way to get away from the everyday routine and build memories to last a lifetime. However, is a holiday really the same if you can’t take one valued member of the family – your much beloved pet – with you? I know travelling without my right-hand man Jake […]
  • Pet Theft Awareness Day – Guest Post

    How to keep your dog safe from pet theft The fear of having your beloved pet stolen is enough to keep owners up at night. Unfortunately, dog thefts are at an all-time high in the UK. That is why Oakpark, a home security specialist, has written this handy guide on dog theft to coincide with [...]
  • Zuki visits All Star Lanes Bowling!

    Hi dog friends, I had a great afternoon last weekend. Hum & GlennDad took me to the dog friendly All Star Lanes bowling, White City in London. The Managing Director of All Star Lanes is a big dog lover and so has introduced a dog friendly policy. All Star Lanes offers the following services for well [...]
  • Top 9 Dog Friendly Pubs in Birmingham – Guest Post from

    Top 9 Dog-Friendly Pubs in Birmingham Birmingham-based dogs are spoilt for choice when their humans fancy a pint. The Black Country’s famous for canal walks, Crufts, and parks full of squirrels – a dog’s dream day out. Read on to discover the best dog-friendly pubs in Birmingham. 1. The Queens Head Address & Map: Sugarbrook Lane, Bromsgrove, [...]
  • Zuki has Burn’s Night Supper at Red Lion, Iver

    Hi dog buddies, Last weekend, Hum and GlennDad took me to the Red Lion pub in Iver for a Burn’s Night Supper. The Red Lion, Iver is a Chef & Brewer pub – a chain who seem to welcome dogs into a lot of their establishments. Hum always celebrates Burn’s Night as her Dad was [...]
  • Guest Post – Have pets? 3 reasons it shouldn’t stop you travelling

    It's no secret that we humans love our pets. In all their shapes and sizes, furred feathered or scaled, more than ever we want to let our pets experience every part of our lives too. But as much as we love our animal companions, we also love to travel. It can be hard to see [...]
  • Guest Post – 5 Tips for Training Your Dog

    Guest Post from Mo Ali from Training a pet ideally must start when they are just mere babies. As the saying goes, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Here are a few tips on how to train your dog. 1. Create a safe place in your home Like babies, puppies are not good left [...]
  • Zuki travels on the Dog Friendly Dartmouth Steam Railway

    Hi dog friends, When we was in Devon, Hum & GlennDad took me on the dog friendly Dartmouth Steam Railway. (Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company). Dartmouth Steam Railway & River Company run several different trips, but we chose to go to Dartmouth & back. GlennDad queued up to buy the tickets and us [...]
  • Zuki stays at Dog Friendly St. Weonards Hotel, Paignton, Devon

    Hi again Dog Pals, Last weekend I was invited to stay at the dog friendly St Weonards Hotel in Paignton, Devon. Vicky & Leigh are extremely welcoming and absolutely LOVE dogs! They have a puppy of their own called Bea and there are lots of dog pictures on the walls as you go up the [...]
  • Zuki enjoys a night out at the dog friendly Rooftop Film Club

    Hi again Dog Friends, My next adventure of the busy weekend was a night out at the dog friendly Rooftop Film Club in Peckham, London. @rooftopfilmclubUK ; The Bussey Building is currently the only one of their venues that is dog friendly but they are hoping to try to extend dog friendly screenings to [...]
  • Zuki enjoys the Dog Friendly Arthur Daily Boat Trip, Uxbridge

    Hi Dog Friends, I has had a super busy weekend! On Saturday morning I got to go on the dog friendly Arthur Daily Boat Trip (Arthur Daily Trips); The boat called Arthur is based right near our houseboat in Cowley, Uxbridge and so we just had to try it out! Hum, GlennDad, Tom, Aurelia [...]
  • Guest Post – How to stay safe when walking in the countryside this summer

    The summer is here and the sun is shining: what a great time to go for a walk in the countryside with your pooch! Kathryn Eccles from country and equestrian store Millbry Hill gives her advice for keeping yourself and your dog safe while you’re out in the countryside this season. The summer is the [...]
  • Zuki visits Combe Martin Beach Holiday Park (John Fowler Holidays)

    Hi Dog Pals, I has just spent the weekend at the Dog Friendly Combe Martin Holiday Park. I was invited by the Sales Director of John Fowler Holiday Parks (@JohnFowlerHols) to try out their new dog friendly Platinum Caravans! Hum and GlennDad came with me to be my chauffeur and to carry my bags. John [...]
  • Gifts Made Personal – present for Zuki

    Hi Dog pals, Another day, another gift for little old me 😊 This morning a parcel arrived from Gifts Made Personal ; @gifts_made Gifts Made Personal sell all sorts of lovely things for human folk including: Travel Accessories – passport covers; luggage tags Kitchen Accessories – plates; mugs; wooden spoons; aprons; chopping boards etc. Stationary – pencil [...]
  • Zuki’s 5th Birthday – Clumber Park & Central Bark

    Hi dog friends, It’s my birthday! I am 5 years of age now – a proper grown up girl! We celebrated on Sunday as on the first Sunday of every month there is a dog walk at Clumber Park which Hum and GlennDad thought I would enjoy. Human-folk and their doggies meet at the dog [...]
  • A dog owner’s guide to the countryside code – by Sean Whiting, Houghton Country

    Hi my doggie friends, Spring has finally sprung and what’s better than a lovely spring walk in the countryside with man’s best friend? Sean Whiting, from equestrian and country specialists Houghton Country, has given us his expert advice on how you can respect the countryside and keep your dog safe this season. Who doesn’t love [...]
  • Zuki’s day out with the family at Dinosaur Escape, Adventure Golf

    Hi there my dog pals, On Saturday, I got the family invited to the dog friendly Dinosaur Escape, Adventure Golf in Northolt, only about 8 miles from our Houseboat. Dinosaur Escape is one of 4 Adventure Golf sites around the Greater London area run by Adventure Experience and all of them allow us four-legs to [...]
  • Zuki is the Ring Bearer at our Wedding at Hodsock Priory

    Hi again my dog pals, Hum & Glenn got married in February at the dog friendly Hodsock Priory and as I had brought them together in the first place, I had a very special role as the ring bearer! @HodsockPriory  Now dog peeps, that is THE MOST IMPORTANT role as those rings seal the marriage so [...]
  • Guest Post – Dog Friendly Wedding Venues

    Dog Friendly Wedding Venues We knew it was on the cards - our owners have decided to get hitched! Amongst much tail wagging and wriggling and pushing and shoving, it dawned on us - would we be able to go along for more than the ride? We love a good wedding as much as the [...]
  • Guest Post – How to Travel with Your Dog by Train

    Hi my dog pals, As I am sure you are aware, I am a very well traveled little dog and have had several lovely train journeys. However, if your humans are new to taking you on this form of transport, George Moss, a professional freelance writer has sent me this article to share with you! [...]
  • Guest Post – Training Yourself 101: Tips For How To Become A Great Dog Parent

    Hi my doggie friends, The lovely Emma Cook sent Hum & me this article which should help your humans if they are new dog parents 🙂 If you’re a new dog parent, get ready for one of the most fun, rewarding responsibilities of your life. Having a dog, to some, can simply seem like unnecessary work. [...]
  • 5 UK Beaches That Are Pawfect For Spring Walkies

    Hi my doggie friends, Away Resorts sent me this post to share with you and your Humans. Everyone loves a trip to the beach in the summer, except dog owners. Visiting beaches with dogs during peak season can be problematic for everyone - other visitors, owners and their canine companions. The best beaches are often [...]
  • Dog Friendly Hovercraft Offer!!! Wow!!

    Hi my doggie friends, Half price hovercraft travel for dog owners (dogs always go free) To demonstrate their dog-friendly approach, Hovertravel is dedicating a weekend in March to encouraging dog owners to try the fastest ferry across the Solent. All dogs always travel free on Hovertravel and for Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March, adult [...]
  • Guest Post – 9 Tips for Travelling with your Dogs

    9 Tips for Travelling with Your Dogs By Samantha Randall – podcaster, YouTuber and editor-in-chief at Top Dog Tips Travelling with your dog can be an unforgettable experience for both you and your pooch, but you need to be well-prepared for the trip and aware of all possible problems and dangers can and often do [...]
  • Zuki’s Christmas Paw Package

    Dear Dog Pals, Naughty Hum forgot to post my review of my HUGE Christmas present that came from Santa Paws via Paw Package! @pawpackageuk The lovely people at Paw Package wanted me to enjoy the Christmas Package and gave it to Santa Paws to wrap and put under the Christmas Tree for me 🙂 As you [...]
  • Zuki visits Travelodge Salford Quays

    Hi again dog pals, When Hum went to Manchester for Jack’s graduation, we stayed at the dog friendly Travelodge Salford Quays. All Travelodge hotels allow up to 2 dogs or cats to stay at a charge of £20 per stay. @TravelodgeUK ‏ Hum isn’t keen on driving through cities and finding parking but the parking at [...]
  • Zuki reviews Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Treats

    Hi again dog pals, The lovely Lily’s Kitchen folk sent me a HUGE box with lots of Christmas goodies inside to sample and let your humans know what to get for your Christmas presents! (Lily's Kitchen; @lilyskitchen) Inside the box were Advent Calendars; boxes of biscuits and lots of Christmas crackers filled with treats. There [...]
  • Zuki visits Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool

    Hi dog pals, It has been a while since Hum took me on an adventure but at the weekend, I was invited to the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. (@hopestreet_LPL Hope Street Hotel & The London Carriage Works) Hum had met the lovely Charlotte at the Conference & Hospitality Show and Charlotte was keen to [...]
  • Guest Post – Dog Friendly Restaurants, Houston, Texas

    Hey Dog Pals, Looks like over in America the folk are dog friendly too! Do you love eating out, but can’t bear to be away from your pet pooch? With so many incredible places to eat in Texas’ coolest city, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Houston. From the most delicious [...]
  • Guest Post – Top Allergy Fixes for Dogs

    Top Allergy Fixes for Dogs Dogs unfortunately can suffer many different allergies which can result in unpleasant symptoms for your beloved pet, from itchy skin, sore feet or digestive issues, sickness and diarrhoea – none of which are pleasant for either the dog or their owner. It can be tempting to rush your dog straight [...]
  • Guest Post – Why Pet Cafes Are Springing Up Around The UK

    Whilst being a proud pet owner makes us happier and healthier too, for many of us, long hours at work, small rented flats and tight financial budgets means that owning our own pet is just not feasible. But, thanks to the latest phenomenon, there is now good news for animal lovers. The global movement of [...]
  • Guest Post – 5 Steps to Take Before Flying International With Your Dog

    Many people find traveling by airplane stressful, from going through crowded airports to shelling out your hard-earned bucks to pay the fares. So imagine how daunting it would be for your canine. Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure your beloved pooch has a comfortable and even fun flying experience. Check them out [...]
  • Ruff Guide to a Dog Friendly Home

    Dogs have been man's best friend for many years, and as we learn more and more about dogs we realise that they aren’t just our friends but can also be our heros. Dogs are now trained in many ways to improve people's lives, from helping people with PTSD to the classic sniffing out the baddies. [...]
  • Guest Post – Car Safety Tips for Dogs

    Guest Post by Morgan Antoinette Sometimes – whether you are going to the vet or just traveling – you may need to take your dog with you in your car. And that’s the right thing to do: when going out of state, you shouldn’t leave your dog alone in the house. He will feel secure [...]
  • The Essential Budget-Friendly Tools for Cleaning Up After Your Dog

    Guest Article by Tyler Evans It's a good thing dogs are cute and endlessly lovable - otherwise, there's no way we'd put up with the messes they cause in our homes. From muddy paws on the carpet to drool on the walls, the havoc dogs wreak in our homes is second only to the marks [...]
  • Guest Post – Tilly visits The Angel Hotel, Lavenham

    Hi my doggie friends, Feeling very excited as Hum, Dum and I are off on a little holiday to Suffolk. I know as they’ve been talking about it and they’ve packed the car up with my crate, favourite rugs and bag of toys. They’ve got my food (yum) and my drinking bowl. I watched them packing their bags too and [...]
  • Best Spots Around Greater Manchester to Take Your Dog This Autumn

    When it comes to dog walking spots, Greater Manchester plays host to some of the best in the country. With its beautiful hills, lakes, canals and good old northern countryside, you can generally take your pick when it comes to places to take your dog on an outdoor adventure. There’s one downside to this time [...]
  • Zuki says ‘Get involved in the Crazy Cake Challenge’!

    Calling all my Dog Pals and their Humans, Do please get involved in this great Charity Event! Forever Hounds Trust, a charity that rescues and rehomes greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds in the UK, are appealing for members of the public to sign up and get involved in a new fundraising event to help their [...]
  • Zuki tries an Illumiseen Collar!

    Hi dog pals, I is back wiv another review for you! I received a lovely pink Illumiseen Collar in the post and couldn’t wait to try it on! My Illumiseen collar arrived with a lovely letter from the Illumiseen Team addressed directly to me and letting me know that it was to keep me safe [...]
  • Guest Post – Tilly’s walk to The Devil’s Punchbowl

    Hi my doggie friends, I am very lucky to have such a great place to walk about 2 miles from my new home. To get there you need to head for the area called Hindhead in Surrey.  Then follow the signs for the Devil's Punchbowl  off the A287 road between Farnham and Haslemere. Most dogs [...]
  • National Dog Day with Lily’s Kitchen

    Hi dog friends, Today is Nation Dog Day – Wowserz how cool is that my pals!!!!! #NationalDogDay To celebrate National Dog Day, Lily’s Kitchen have created a brand new Snack Bar and they sent me a box full of those and their other flavours to try out and to taste test with some friends. Their advertising [...]
  • Zuki checks out Storthes Hall Park – dog friendly Wedding & Events Venue

    Hi again my doggy friends, Recently we added Storthes Hall Park, the Dog Friendly wedding & events accommodation and The Venue, to our Listings. Now I want to provide all your human-folk with a dog’s eye view of Storthes Hall in case your family has a celebration or wedding coming up and want you to [...]
  • Zuki visits Wollaton Hall Park, Nottingham

    Hi dog pals, At the weekend Hum took Glenn Glenn & me to the very dog friendly Wollaton Hall Park. @WollatonHall ‏ Wollaton Hall is set in five hundred acres of spectacular gardens and parkland. As a bit of background for your humans: Wollaton Hall is an Elizabethan country house of the 1580s standing on a small [...]
  • Win a Pair of Customised Dog Socks!!!!

    Hi dog pals, Guess which colour pair of socks I am ordering and your human can get a pair with your lovely face on! Hum was contacted by Andrew Epprecht who is a college student and entrepreneur at Duke University. He recently started a custom sock company with his brother called The socks are [...]
  • Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Friday 22nd June

    Office Doors Open Wide to Canine Co-workers Pets are taking centre stage today for Bring Your Dog to Work Day and the launch of the 6th annual Family Pet Show at EventCity Manchester. The Family Pet Show hosted an event in Manchester’s most pet friendly offices, WeWork, where work space was taken over by furry [...]
  • The best way to spend spare time at St. Pancras station with your dog!

    Hello my dog pals, You MUST get your Humans to read this! Hum has found simply the BEST way for us to spend spare time at St. Pancras station while waiting for the train! The Hansom Lounge at the 5 Star St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is really DOG FRIENDLY and so you can stop for a [...]
  • Happy 4th Birthday Zuki!!!!

    Hi pup pals, It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to!!!!!! Well actually Hum & Glenn did my birthday celebrations yesterday ‘cos we was in Norfolk at the seaside which was much more fun! The WHOLE day was all about ME and I LOVED it!!!!! The day started with a play on the [...]
  • Zuki visits the dog friendly Boat & Horses, Chadderton, Oldham, Manchester

    Hi again Dog Friends, When Hum & I was in Manchester and staying at Travelodge Oldham, we ate at the dog friendly Boat & Horses Pub. @BoatandHorses ; @JWLeesBrewery The Boat & Horses is right beside the Travelodge Hotel and beside the canal so in a great location. Hum loved that you could sit outside in [...]
  • Zuki’s stay at Travelodge, Oldham, Manchester

    Hi my dog friends, Hum & I were back in Manchester, this time at the Travelodge Olham @TravelodgeUK as she was doing some training nearby and I must say our visit started SO well… The Travelodge Olham was very easy to get to for Hum (she isn’t good at following Mrs SatNav’s instructions usually but managed [...]
  • Paws For Thought Groomers Pamper Day!

    Hi Pooch Pals, Check this out! Paws for Thought Groomers and Retreats is a luxury life-style store for pooches and pooch parents at the lovely rural shopping village of Battlers Green Farm in Radlett, Hertfordshire. Along with a modern Grooming Salon they offer a range of services including Personalised Training for Puppies and Adult Dogs, Puppy Socialisation [...]
  • Good Coffee & Brunch in Dog Friendly Manchester!

    Hi again my dog pals, The last day of my visit to Manchester had Hum on a mission for Good Coffee and Brunch in Manchester! Dog friendly venues of course! Just more or less opposite our hotel (Travelodge Manchester Ancoats), we came across this amazing little store! Ancoats General Store @ancoatsgs is a proper little [...]
  • Dog Friendly Food & Drink venues, Manchester, Northern Quarter

    Hi again dog friends, Thought you and your Humans might like to know about more dog friendly places to eat & drink in Manchester. We were staying right next to the Northern Quarter in Manchester so that is where we hunted out dog friendly bars and cafes and to our delight we found out there [...]
  • Zuki visits 2 Dog Friendly Eateries in Manchester

    Hi again my dog friends, Thought you and your humans might like to hear about a couple of really good dog friendly places to eat in Manchester. The first night we were in Manchester Hum took me to a wonderful place in the Northern Quarter called Pie Minister. @pieminister Now my friends, Pie Minister pretty much [...]
  • Travelodge Manchester Ancoats

    Hi again Dog Pals & your Humans, Hum took me to Manchester recently and we stayed at the dog friendly Travelodge Manchester Ancoats. @TravelodgeUK ‏ Now some folks say that Travelodge Hotels are good in they accept dogs but they don’t see them as really dog friendly. Well let me dispute that with The Travelodge Manchester [...]
  • Hart’s Hotel, Nottingham

    Hello again dog pals, Hum & Glenn took me to stay at the dog friendly Hart’s Hotel in Nottingham on Friday 26th January @HartsNottingham . They were attending something called a Burn’s Night Supper where apparently a human reads a poem out to a Haggis and then all the other humans eat the haggis and have [...]
  • Christmas at 10 Ballaghmore Cottages, Portballintrae, Northern Ireland

    Hi dog pals, I hope you had a good Christmas! We spent ours at 10 Ballaghmore Cottages, Portballintrae, Northern Ireland. The lovely Patrick, who owns the cottage let me stay there although up to now dogs were not allowed but I think since I have been and showed him how good us four-legs can be [...]
  • Zuki reviews dog friendly Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel, near Stranraer, Scotland

    Hello dog friends, On our way to N. Ireland for Christmas, we stopped for the night at the dog friendly Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel. This unique hotel is only about a half hour drive from the port of Cairnryan where we was to catch the ferry to N. Ireland the next day so it was a [...]
  • Dog Friendly Hotel of the Year 2017

    Hello all dog pals and your Humans, It is with great pleasure that I can announce the 2017 Have Dog Can Travel Dog Friendly Hotel of the Year ‘PAWARD’ had been presented to Trigony House, Dumfriesshire, Scotland! @Trigonyhotel  Hum & I visited Trigony back in 2015 and we returned in December on our way back from [...]
  • Stourport Manor, Worcestershire

    Hi dog pals, On Sunday Hum & I set off to Stourport Manor Hotel in Worcestershire. Stourport Manor is a Hallmark Hotel and we have many of them on the Listings on our website as they are a Dog Friendly Hotel Group. @HallmarkHotels In fact on 26th August 2016 Hallmark Hotels launched the Pawfect Package which offers [...]
  • Zuki Trys a Barc London Collar

    Hi Dog Pals & your Humans, Today Mr. Postman delivered a special parcel addressed to ME!!! It was sent to me special delivery from Barc London @barc_london. Barc London produces high-quality luxury dog accessories ranging from leads and collars to harnesses and they had sent me a gift to try and review for all my [...]
  • Zuki visits Hambleton Hall, Rutland

    Hi dog pals, On Sunday 24th Sept we set off to Hambleton Hall @Hambleton_Hall in Rutland which is the smallest county in England. Hambleton Hall is listed on our website and Hum chose it as the place to take Glenn for his 60th birthday as it is dog friendly so I could enjoy the event too [...]
  • United Kingdom of Cats and Dogs

    Hi my doggie friends, The lovely Kristy from Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog ( sent me this information to share with you Humans and I am pleased to say there are more people who prefer us dogs than those who prefer cats in the UK 🙂   Pet Ownership 19% of UK households have a dog. 19% [...]
  • Congham Hall, Norfolk

    Hi again dog pals, Last weekend, I stayed at Congham Hall Hotel & Spa, @Congham_Hall in Norfolk. Now Congham Hall doesn’t want to get listed on my website as a Dog Friendly Hotel but rather they say they host dogs who come there with their owners. Not sure what the difference is my dog friends as they seemed [...]
  • The Vicarage, Cheshire

    Hi dog pals, Last night Hum & I stayed at the The Vicarage Freehouse & Rooms in Cheshire as I had been invited to review it. @VicarageChesh When we arrived we got an exceptionally friendly welcome from Karen who knew who we were and made a HUGE fuss of me. Excellent service from the start [...]
  • Zuki takes a Boat Trip on the River Thames

    Hi my doggie friends, On Sunday Hum wanted to do something relaxing so we went on a dog friendly boat trip along the River Thames. The company running the trips was Turk Launches and the boat goes from Richmond to Kingston and then if you want you can change boats and go to Hampton Court. @TurkLaunches We [...]
  • Zuki’s back in London at The Star & Anchor, Ealing

    Hello again Dog Pals, I have got another dog friendly place for you to visit in the big city of London! Hum was back in London for her little Granddaughter’s 4th birthday party but this time we didn’t have to stay in hotels; this time we stayed with Glenn Glenn who looked after me during [...]
  • Zuki’s Birthday Paw-ty

    Hi dog pals, Sorry to take so long to tell you about this but I has been a really busy little dog recently – had to sort my annual accounts and such-like. Anyways, Hum told me I simply MUST tell you all about my 3rd Birthday as I had a proper ‘Paw-ty’! A couple of [...]
  • Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2017

    Hi Dog Pals, I have got something REALLY special to tell you about! June 23rd is #BringYourDogToWorkDay !!! That means that all you lovely four-legged pals of mine can do what I do and go to work with your Humans! I is very lucky as my Human Mum (Hum) works from home so every day [...]
  • Read Zuki’s review to Win a Bissell SpotClean Cordless!

    Hi dog pals, Previously I told you about the Bissell Spotclean Pro but now I have tested the Bissell SpotClean Cordless AND am giving your Humans the chance to win one of these fab machines! @BISSELL_UK, BISSELL The Bissell SpotClean Cordless does pretty much the same job as the Bissell SpotClean Pro BUT the advantage for your [...]
  • Zuki reviews Petcube Play – interactive pet camera

    Hi again Dog Pals, So has I somefink great to tell yous all about!!! I is SO excited about the new Petcube Play @Petcube product Hum got sent for me to review!!!! Sorry – so excited my spelling and grammar has gone haywire!!! But dog friends Petcube Play is SO super COOL!!!!! Petcube Play is an [...]
  • Zuki reviews the Bissell SpotClean Pro™

    Hello again dog friends, Today I is going to tell you and your humans about the Bissell SpotClean Pro™ machine, @BISSELLclean, BISSELL  Hum was getting very annoyed about the dirty marks on the carpet. When the boys were home for Easter I had played in the garden with them and had a bit of a mad [...]
  • Zuki tests the Whalek Pet Cooling Pad

    Hi again dog pals, I has got another product to tell you and your human folk about. Today I was testing out the Whalek Pet Cooling Pad. Had to wait for a sunny day to get best use out of it and as soon as the sun came out this morning Hum got the Cooling [...]
  • Zuki taste tests Eden Holistic Pet Foods

    Hey dog pals, Have I got some exciting news for you! I is becoming a Brand Ambassador – testing products and reviewing so you and your humans can find great dog friendly products. First review to bring you is for Eden Holistic Pet Foods @EdenPetFoods  Now Hum has struggled to find me any dog food [...]
  • Well’s Beach Cafe – Refurbished!

    Well dog pals, I have some news for you! The fabulously dog friendly Wells Beach Café @WellsBeachCafe has been refurbished! Hum had to tell me what that meant but basically while Hum & I were on our holibobs in February, the café was being redecorated and transformed into a brighter, more open space. As the K9 [...]
  • Zuki recommends 2 London eateries

    Hi Dog pals, It sure has been a while since Hum took me on an adventure but she made up for it by taking me to not one but two excellent eateries for me to tell you about. And not only that BUT she booked us 1st Class travel with Virgin Trains from Grantham to [...]
  • Zuki’s 1st Pets As Therapy Visit to Redgate School

    Hi dog pals, Today I had my very first Pets As Therapy (@petsastherapy; @PetsAsTherapyUK) visit to Redgate School in Mansfield. I was accepted as a PAT dog in December 2016 and Pauline, the Headteacher at Redgate School told Hum she’d be delighted to have me come and visit the pupils. Redgate School is a small special [...]
  • Titchwell Manor, Norfolk

    Hi Dog Pals, Hum took me to the extremely dog friendly Titchwell Manor @TitchwellManor in Norfolk at the weekend so I simply must tell you all how super it is as a place to stay! Titchwell Manor means a lot to Hum – it was the first place her late husband took her on a date [...]
  • Redcoats Farmhouse Hotel, Hertfordshire

    Well my dog pals, I was super-duper right – seeing Hum get out my @rovernighter  and @Wellybix did indeed mean adventure time! After settling Ben boy into his new student digs, we headed to Redcoats Farmhouse Hotel @redcoats in Hertfordshire. Got an AMAZING reception from Katie, Rhian and Hannah!!! LOTS of cuddles with everyone saying how [...]
  • Hallmark Hotels launch Dog Friendly Pawfect Package for #NationalDogDay

    Hi my doggie friends, There's a new reason for canine companions to celebrate today, National Dog Day (Friday 26th August) as Hallmark Hotels launches its Pawfect Package, welcoming pet dogs to all 28 of its hotels across the country in response to the increasing demand of families wanting to holiday in the UK with their four [...]
  • K+K Hotel George, London

    Hi my doggie friends, Our 2nd hotel in London was the K+K Hotel George @kkhotelgeorge near Earl’s Court Station. The staff at K+K Hotel George are super-duper friendly to us four-leggy folks. ALL of them wanted to give me cuddles and play with me as did some of the guests!! We were very early to the [...]
  • Flynns Townhouse, Hammersmith, London

    Hi dog pals, Me & Hum went to London at the weekend and I decided a couple of Dog Blog reviews might be in order. Our first stop was at Flynns Townhouse. Flynns is owned and run by the lovely James who comes from Ireland like Hum so she was really happy to hear his [...]
  • Zuki checks if East Midlands Trains are as dog friendly as Virgin Trains East Coast

    Hi dog friends, Last time I went to London we travelled with Virgin Trains East Coast @Virgin_TrainsEC but Hum decided we would have a change and try East Midlands Trains @EMTrains. I thought this was a brilliant idea as I can offer you and your human-folk a comparison!! So let’s start: East Midlands Trains go from Nottingham [...]
  • Zuki visits Ironbridge, Shropshire

    Hello dog pals, Thought I should let you know about another good dog friendly place you can visit. When we stayed at the Hundred House Hotel, we took a trip to nearby Ironbridge @visitironbridge. Ironbridge is a small market town in Shropshire and right in the middle of it, spanning the banks for the River [...]
  • Severn Valley Railway – a dog friendly day out!

    Hi again dog pals, If you stay at Hundred House Hotel @TheHundredHouse OR at Hallmark Hotel Stourport Manor @HallmarkHotels (check our hotel listings) then you might want to pay a visit to the Dog Friendly Severn Valley Railway @svrofficialsite. The Severn Valley Railway is a full-size standard-gauge railway line, running regular, mainly steam-hauled, passenger trains between Bridgnorth [...]
  • 5 Tips for a Well-Behaved Dog in Dog-Friendly Hotels

    5 Tips for a Well-Behaved Dog in Dog-Friendly Hotels No doubt your dog is the perfect companion at home or during your walks, but how would that turn out in a completely new environment? More hotels than ever do accept pets and count on your training skills to make sure your dog behaves in public, [...]
  • The Hundred House Hotel, Norton, Shropshire

    OK dog pals, I can tell you I have a really happy Hum today. I mean SUPER happy!! We are staying at one of The Great Inns of Britain listed on our website – The Hundred House @TheHundredHouse and it is totally A-MAZ-ING!!!! Hum is in hotel heaven and I must say life is good for me [...]
  • The Red Lion, Hellidon, Northamptonshire

    Hey dog pals, Well soon as I saw Hum get my @rovernighter and @Wellybix out I knew we would possibly be off on another adventure! Yeah!!!! This time we were off to the village of Hellidon in Northamptonshire to stay at the Red Lion @redlionhellidon which is the village pub that allows us four-legs to stay [...]
  • Wiveton Hall, Norfolk

    Well Dog Pals, It was another busy weekend for this little dog. Hum took me for Sunday Lunch to Wiveton Hall @WivetonHall in Norfolk for me to check it out as she had been told the café was really lovely and also dog friendly. Now Wiveton Hall has been on the TV recently on BBC2 – a [...]
  • Zuki’s last day in dog friendly Northumberland

    Well dog friends, My Northumberland @ynorthumberland adventure had to come to an end sometime but Hum was kind and said that we could have another couple of visits to places that had been recommended to us en-route home so that we would have a good finish to our adventure. After our lovely breakfast at Warkworth House [...]
  • Zuki’s dog friendly walk round Warkworth

    Well dog pals, I must say I found Northumberland a very dog friendly holiday destination. And Warkworth as a town was a great place to stay. As well as our river walk (lots of bunny rabbits to chase) and our trip to the Castle, we found the town itself had much to offer. On our [...]
  • Warkworth Castle & Hermitage, Northumberland

    Hi my doggie friends, When we were in Northumberland @VisitNland, we visited Warkworth Castle. There are LOTS of castles in Northumberland but not all of them are dog friendly. However, Warkworth Castle is an English Heritage site and we were told that dogs are allowed at all English Heritage places and there is no charge [...]
  • Warkworth House Hotel, Northumberland

    We got a GREAT welcome from Joanne when we arrived at Warkworth House Hotel @WarkworthHHotel.  Not only did she make a huge fuss of me BUT she asked if I wanted to join Hum for dinner and would we like her to book us a table in the bar. Also asked about breakfast and where [...]
  • Zuki’s Dog Friendly Northumberland Travels (cont.)

    Well Dog Friends, I did have a happy Hum when we were in Northumberland @VisitNland. Not only were we by the seaside which she loves but ‘cos Northumberland is further north than where we lives, the blossom was still out on the trees and that makes my Hum very happy indeed 🙂 We checked out [...]
  • Zuki’s Golden Gate Boat Trip to Longstone Lighthouse, Farne Islands

    So my dog friends, Hum loves a boat trip and after educating me about Grace Darling in Bamburgh where there is a museum and her memorial, decided we was going on a boat trip to the Grace Darling Lighthouse. Golden Gate Boat Trips is the only Boat Tour company which is both dog friendly and [...]
  • The Bamburgh Castle Inn, Seahouses, Northumberland

    Hi dog pals, Next stop on our Northumberland Bank Holiday visit was The Bamburgh Castle Inn @BamCastleInn in the town of Seahouses just down the coast from Bamburgh. You have to go to the end of the bar to check in at the Bamburgh Castle Inn which is a little unusual BUT we got a GREAT [...]
  • Zuki visits Lindisfarne, Northumberland

    Hi Dog Friends, Hum said a visit to the Northumberland Coast @Northumb_Coast would not be complete without a trip to Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne, or Holy Island as it is also called (see I how I has done my research for you) is just up the coast from Bamburgh. It is an island but linked to the mainland [...]
  • Victoria Hotel, Bamburgh

    Hi dog pals, So Hum decided we needed to check out Northumberland for this Bank Holiday. Lots of peoples we know had told us it was a great place to go and was really dog friendly so off we went! We set off on the Friday ‘cos Hum thought there would be less traffic but [...]
  • Zuki visits Lytham St Annes

    Hello again dog pals, After our stay at ‘not so dog friendly’ Blackpool Hum and I travelled just down the coast to ‘much more dog friendly’ Lytham St Annes @lythamtourism. According to Wikipedia (I am a smart dog you see I can look these things up) Lytham St Annes is a conurbation (big word for [...]
  • Inn on the Prom, Lytham St Annes

    Hi again dog friends, Another day, another hotel to review – it’s a hard life being a ‘dog blogger’ 😉 After our stay in Blackpool, Hum took me down the coast to Lytham St. Anne’s which apparently has been voted Top 10 Place in the North West to live and is also a great place [...]
  • Is Blackpool Dog Friendly? Zuki checks it out!

    Hi Dog friends, Hum was challenged to find out if Blackpool @visitBlackpool was a dog friendly place to visit so we set off – her with her suitcase and me with my Rovernighter @rovernighter  to find out. First off was finding somewhere to stay. Hum rang lots of hotels including Maples; The Savoy and the Elgin [...]
  • Ruby’s visit to Boar’s Head, Ripley

    Hi Zuki & Pals, My name is Ruby & I want to tell you of my trip to The Boars Head Ripley @BoarsHeadRipley near Harrogate. We were visiting furiends nearby & spent a night at this lovely place. I had a Doggy bed & bowls provided in our room & a biscuit waiting for me on [...]
  • The Chesterfield Hotel, Blackpool

    Hey Dog Pals, Got so much to tell you about our recent Bank Holiday! Hum had a request to find out if Blackpool and the surrounding area was dog friendly and you know what she is like with a challenge! She did lots of research and finally found The Chesterfield Hotel @PetsWelcomeBnB. Now The Chesterfield [...]
  • Wiveton Hall, Norfolk

    Well Dog Pals, It was another busy weekend for this little dog. Hum took me for Sunday Lunch to Wiveton Hall @WivetonHall in Norfolk for me to check it out as she had been told the café was really lovely and also dog friendly. Now Wiveton Hall has been on the TV recently on BBC2 – [...]
  • Dog Friendly Ravenshead – where Zuki lives!

      Well dog folks, Today I is going to tell you about where I live ‘cos it came to my attention that I told you all about dog friendly places throughout the country but had never told you about Ravenshead. Hum lives with me in Ravenshead, a village in North Nottinghamshire @ExperienceNotts. Hum says it [...]
  • Brook Whipper-In, Oakham, Rutland

    Hi again dog friends, Our last stop on our Easter Vacation (well vacation for Hum & her Mum – I had busy work schedule) was a hotel called Brook Whipper-In situated in Rutland, the smallest county in England apparently! Brook Whipper-In @BrookHotels is listed on our website and en-route from the caravan to home so Hum [...]
  • Wells Beach Cafe appoints Zuki as Director of Hospitality!

    Hi again dog pals, Easter Monday was a super important day for me. This was the day I was invited to the Wells Beach Café @WellsBeachCafe to be inaugurated as Director of Hospitality on the K9 Board of Directors! Now that is an important day for a little dog like me! Hum got me up early [...]
  • Interview & Afternoon Tea at Briarfields, Titchwell, Norfolk

    Well my dog pals, I have been a very busy little dog over the Easter weekend! Hum really does make me work for a living! First stop on my hectic schedule was a hotel in Norfolk called Briarfields which is a dog friendly establishment on the North Norfolk coast in a place called Titchwell. Carl [...]
  • Wells-next-the-Sea – a great place to be!

    Hi dog pals, I is one happy little Poochon I can tell you! Hum took me back to Wells-next-the Sea @ComeToWells for the weekend! And I do like to be beside the seaside! And so does Hum. Orchard Holiday Park @orchardcaravans was open again after its February shut-down and so we could go back to the [...]
  • Zuki models the Rovernighter at Crufts 2016

    Hi my dog friends, Guess where I was yesterday? Me little cross-breed Zuki was at the BIG dog show Crufts! Not that they let us Cross-Breeds actually take part unless in agility or such-like BUT I was there to model the Rovernighter; @rovernighter . SO Hum packed up our stuff in the morning – [...]
  • The Derbyshire Hotel, South Normanton, Derbyshire

    Hi my doggie friends, At the weekend Hum took me to the Derbyshire Hotel just off Junction 28 of the M1. She brought me to this hotel ‘cos she wanted to assess a different hotel group that could be listed on our website. We already got Britannia Hotel Group but PH Group @PH_Hotels is not budget [...]
  • Rovernighter Photo shoot with Bounders Dog Photography

    Hello again my lovely dog friends, The day had come – my big moment! I, little Zuki was to have my first proper modelling job! And be properly photographed by a real Professional – the fabulous Joe from Ruth is a super, creative lady who has created the Rovernighter which is a really cool [...]
  • The Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa, Bolton Abbey

    Hi Dog Pals, Dear Old Hum has taken me to the Devonshire Arms Bolton Abbey. This hotel is listed on our website and is really promoting dog friendliness so when Joe from Bounders @boundersphoto asked Hum to find Ruth from Rovernighter @rovernighter a proper dog friendly hotel for her photoshoot (to be displayed at Crufts no less!), [...]
  • Tower Hotel, Lincoln

    Hey Dog Pals, Silly Hum almost missed our visit to Tower Hotel in Lincoln!! She forgot the date and just as well she rang to see what she needed to bring for me or we would have missed our stay totally!!! She was just in a mess ‘cos she has a nasty eye infection and [...]
  • Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

    Hi dog pals, So Hum and I went to eat at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem @Yeoldetripnott ‘cos Karl the landlord impressed Hum most on the phone of all the dog friendly venues and it wasn’t too far from the Britannia Hotel Nottingham where we was staying. Given the weather that was excellent even though Hum [...]
  • Britannia Nottingham Hotel

    So my dear Dog Peeps, Saturday afternoon and we checked into the Britannia Nottingham Hotel. Now you see my friends, Britannia Hotel Group is an affiliation partner of Have Dog Can Travel but some people had reported that rooms could be a bit tired and dated and that they aren’t the most dog friendly hotels [...]
  • Zuki’s Swimming Lesson

    Well my dog pals, I have had quite a day today! When Hum went to meet Joe from @boundersphoto on Tuesday, he got us to meet him @SherwoodCanine (Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy). Hum did not know this place existed and got all excited about the idea of a swimming pool for us doggy folks! Thing is Hum [...]
  • Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire

    Hi my doggie friends, Hum and I are just back from a visit to Hanbury Manor @hanburymanor in Hertfordshire. Hanbury Manor is on our Listings so when we had to go to take Ben back to University in Hertfordshire it seemed sensible to combine that trip with a Dog Blog review. Hanbury Manor started allowing [...]
  • Zuki’s trip to Nottingham

    Hi Dog Pals, Me and Hum went on a little trip yesterday to Nottingham @NottinghamTIC ; @MyNottingham. Just ‘cos I had my hair done recently, Hum had to copy and have hers done. She didn’t want to leave me at home so had done some investigating to find more dog friendly stuff for me to [...]
  • Beck Hall Malham, Yorkshire

    So my dog friends, We sadly left Ox Pasture Hall and after a run on the beach at Scarborough, we headed off to Beck Hall Malham @BeckHallMalham. This is the place Hum saw on @channel4 @4inabed and we thought it was crazy that people complained about its dog friendliness so we decided a Dog Blog [...]
  • Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough

    Hi Dog Pals, Hum is super proud of me and happy ‘cos I got us invited to a very lovely dog friendly Country House Hotel called Ox Pasture Hall, @oxpasturehotel, near Scarborough. Shaun the owner offered us a stay in a luxury suite so as I could do my Dog Blog review of Ox Pasture [...]
  • What to Wear on Dog Friendly Travels?

      Hi Dog Pals, We will be off on our travels again at some point soon Hum tells me – yippee!! I do like hotels – nice rooms; people making a big fuss of me and great food! SO we have been invited to stay at a dog friendly Country House Hotel called Ox Pasture [...]
  • Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk

    Hey dog pals, Hum and me are back in Norfolk at the caravan in Wells-next-the-Sea. Hum is always REALLY, REALLY happy at the ‘van’! Hum’s ‘van is with @orchardcaravans and we popped in to see Donna and Bev in the office to say hello ‘cos they are so lovely and Hum says having the ‘van’ [...]
  • The Kings Head, Hoveton, Norfolk

    Hi again dog friends, Thought I might take you back with me to Wroxham, Norfolk to check out another dog friendly venue we found. Well actually The Kings Head is really in Hoveton but Wroxham and Hoveton seem to join up so I was never sure which one I was in!!! According to the info: [...]
  • Broad Tours, Wroxham, Norfolk

    Hello again dog friends, I promised you I would tell you about the boat trip we went on in Norfolk. It was Hum’s friend Tessa’s surprise birthday party and it was on the Norfolk Broads with Broad Tours. Hum was very happy ‘cos she loves a boat trip and she loves Norfolk and she loves [...]
  • Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

    Hey Dog Friends, So at the weekend Hum’s brother-in-law, Gerard was over from America and they decided to take me out into Derbyshire for a visit. Now Hum had been looking recently to see if there were dog friendly places to go in Derbyshire and discovered Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath. Well she discovered it [...]
  • Hotel Wroxham, Norfolk

    Well my dog pals, It is a small world it seems. Human Mum (Hum) was invited to her friend Tessa’s birthday party which took place on a boat in the Norfolk Broads (will tell you all about that later) and she booked us into the Dog Friendly Hotel Wroxham. Well what do you know - [...]
  • The Globe Inn, Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk

    Hi Dog pals, I forgot to tell you about another place Human Mum (Hum) took me when we were down in Norfolk. We had heard from a nice man walking his Dalmatian on the Buttlands (grassy place) in Wells-Next-the-Sea, that the Globe Inn had rooms where dogs could stay and that they were really nice! [...]
  • Zuki’s new BioSafe Toy

    Hi my doggie pals, Human Mum (Hum) went out shopping today to get Ben some stuff for University where he is going to be educated apparently 'cos he needs it apparently....nuff said. Anyway when she came back home she had got me a present! I LOVE when Hum goes shopping 'cos she often buys me stuff [...]
  • The Devonshire Fell, Yorkshire

    Hey dog pals, Last stop at another lovely dog friendly place that I can really recommend to you. This is the Devonshire Fell in Yorkshire and we set off from Scotland and drove here with Hum getting grumpy and saying lots of what I am sure are naughty words to sat nav lady as she took us [...]
  • Trigony House Hotel, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

    Well Well Dog Pals, Have I got news for you! I think I have just found THE NUMBER 1 Dog Friendly Hotel EVER!!!! We were later than intended getting to Trigony House Hotel as silly Hum managed to lock her keys in the boot of the car at her Mum’s house and so we had [...]
  • The Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro, Bangor, Northern Ireland

    Hi again Dog Pals, Our next stop on Our Big Adventure was at a seaside place called Bangor. The hotel was called The Salty Dog and had pictures of dogs around; the wall paper had stylized dogs and salt shakers on and there were paw prints on the walls and even on the waiters’ shirts! [...]
  • Hilton Belfast Templepatrick Golf & Country Club, Northern Ireland

    Hi again my dog friends, From Scotland Hum took me on a big floaty on the water thing called a Ferry which looked quite interesting until I was told I had to stay in the car on my own. Well I made sure when Hum came back that she knew where the car was as [...]
  • Mabie House, Dumfries, Scotland

    Well my dog pals, Day 2 of our big adventure and we set off back on the big motorway road and headed north and into a different country! Next stop Mabie House in Scotland!!! And I must say Hum is quite good at this holiday organising – you really should get your Humans to get [...]
  • Longlands Inn & Restaurant, Lancashire

    Hey dog Pals, So I have started my BIG summer adventure to Northern Ireland where Hum’s Mum lives but will be stopping enroute to bring you some good dog friendly venues I hope! First stop was a place called Longlands Inn and Restaurant. Now this is JUST a REALLY short way from the BIG, NOISEY, [...]
  • Chiswick, London

    So my dear doggie friends, I am putting pen to paper (or rather paws to key board) to tell you more about my London adventure. We had gone to London for Hum’s little granddaughter’s birthday and as they lived in Chiswick that is where we spent some time. Chiswick has been chosen as one of [...]
  • Sage’s stay at Arundel House, Whitby

    Hello Doggy Friends, My name is Sage, and I visited Whitby with my Hum. We stayed at Arundel House – a B&B which we found on Zuki’s lovely website here – there are some REALLY good places to stay if you get your Humans to check out the ‘Listings’ page! Anyway we went to Arundel [...]
  • St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel

    Hi my doggie friends, OK so for our last night in London we did a shift in type of hotel – from Travelodge to the 5 star St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel! Now we have got this hotel listed on our website and I have been dying to go stay there! It is SO splendid a building! And [...]
  • Travelodge Kew Bridge, @travelodgeUK

    Hey dog pals, Our first hotel in London was Travelodge Kew Bridge. When we got here it was raining SO hard and everyone was soaking wet waiting to check in – just lots of people dripping everywhere! SO the poor people behind the reception desk didn’t have time to make a big fuss of me [...]
  • Transport for London @TfL

    Hey dog friends, Let me tell you the next part of my wonderful London adventure! When we got to London it was wet. And I mean WET! Not just a little bit of rain but a MASSIVE downpour. Lots and LOTS of rain. Hum had to stop and drag her and my raincoats out of [...]
  • Virgin Trains East Coast

    Hey Dog Pals, What a treat I had at the weekend! A REAL, PROPER grown-up adventure indeed!!! Hum (Human Mum) told me we were going to the big city of London for the weekend! And having new experiences - the first being Train Travel on Virgin Trains East Coast! She said it would be good [...]
  • The Bell Hotel, Saxmundham, Suffolk

    Hi my doggie friends, When we were in Suffolk last weekend we visited the Bell Hotel in Saxmundham near Happy Days Retro Vacations where we were staying in Betsy the Airstream. The Bell turned out to be a very nice place indeed and very dog friendly. We were welcomed by Luke the supervisor who made sure [...]
  • The Bell Inn, Walberswick, Suffolk

    Hi my doggie friends, The Bell Inn Walberswick was as really good find. After a not so promising time in Southwold and being told by locals (lovely couple with really friendly Boxer in tow) that they rated pubs in Walberswick better, Hum (Human Mum) and I set off back across on the Ferry to The [...]
  • Walberswick, Suffolk

    Hi my doggie friends, The delightful Jenny at Happy Days Retro Vacations told us about Walberswick beach so off we set on our grand Suffolk adventure. Now this IS a dog friendly place – even the Car Park Attendant had treats in her pocket and fresh water for me!!!! A lovely beach – lots more [...]
  • Southwold, Suffolk

    Hi again dog pals, On day two of our Suffolk adventure, Human Mum (Hum) said she wanted to go to a place called Southwold. She remembered it as a lovely pretty seaside town – very smart and quintessentially English, she said. Her late husband had taken her there and she reminisced about the pretty beach [...]
  • The Mill Inn, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

    Hi my dog pals, Busy, busy sea-side town is Aldeburgh. Took ForEvA to get parked!! Busy, busy street too!!! Really difficult for a little dog like me to navigate! Anyways we saw the dog friendly White Hart – it was REALLY tiny on the street beside the chip shop. But there were SO many people [...]
  • Happy Days Retro Vacations, Suffolk

    Hi my doggie friends, So we have been staying at Happy Days Retro Vacations and I must say it totally exceeded Human Mum (Hum’s) expectations. Think she likes her touches of luxury – she doesn’t ‘do’ camping apparently….something to do with bad experiences as a Girl Guide…. Right from the get go we were made [...]
  • Sainsbury’s Cats versus Dogs Prize Draw

    Hi my doggy friends, Not to do with travel but Hum (Human Mum) and I were contacted by a very nice lady called Marta. Marta deals with the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog and as a fellow blogger she got in touch ‘cos she had seen my fabulous blog entries! How cool is that to [...]
  • Devonshire Arms, Pilsley, Derbyshire

    Hi my four-legged friends, After our lovely walk in the grounds of Chatsworth Estate, Hum took me to the Devonshire Arms at Pilsley. There are 5 hotels owned by Chatsworth Estate and 4 of them are dog friendly – Devonshire Arms, Beeley; Devonshire Arms, Bolton Abbey; Devonshire Fell, Skipton and The Devonshire Arms, Pilsley. As [...]
  • Chatsworth Estate

    Hello again dog friends, This weekend our walk was in Chatsworth Park. Hum (Human Mum) decided we could go there and then also view one of the Dog Friendly establishments owned by the estate. So off we set into Derbyshire and the Peak District with Hum muttering about how much she hates driving though a [...]
  • Pet Travel Tips 1

    Hi Doggie Friends, Over the next while you must keep checking in to my Dog Blog as Hum (Human Mum) and I will be giving you travel tips for all your exciting holiday destinations that you have found on Have Dog Can Travel to go to with your humans. Hum was most excited to find [...]
  • Castle Inn, Bakewell

    Hi Doggie peeps, My name is Eddy and Zuki’s Human Mum (Hum) met mine when she came in to buy Zuki a laptop so Zuki could do her blog better. As my Hum works in a computer shop I have access to lots of new and latest technology gadgety things and so have no probs [...]
  • Kings Mill Reservoir

    Hi dog friends, Went for a walk round Kings Mill Reservoir at the weekend. Hum (human Mum) likes it there although she gets a bit sad as you can see the hospital where her husband stayed when he was really, really ill most of the way round the lake. Still she likes the walk and I [...]
  • Dakota Nottingham

    Hi Dog Pals, So after Human Mum (Hum) took me to Newstead Abbey at the weekend for a walk, we went for a bite to eat and to check out the rooms at the Dakota, Nottingham. This is so close to where we live I am surprised Hum hasn’t brought me here before! And it [...]
  • Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire

    Hi dog pals, At the weekend we visited a place called Newstead Abbey. Newstead Abbey isn’t far from where we live and Human Mum (Hum) told me she often used to take the boys there when they were little. It was great to see all the places they used to enjoy exploring. We explored the [...]
  • Sleepover in Nottingham

    Hi my doggie friends, Had a sleepover with Hum's friend Debbie's two Bichons, Hugo and Alfie. Hum (human Mum) had gone to London - she had an award to present at some event and stayed in a non-dog-friendly hotel! How dare she! Naughty Hum! Anyway I got to meet Hugo and Alfie and had an [...]
  • Me and My Guide Dog

    Hi everyone, Looking forward to watching a show on ITV this evening at 8.00 p.m. Me and My Guide Dog follows a litter of puppies from birth, through training and then to placement (if they are successful). The pupils of West Bridgford School, Nottingham where my late husband worked have recently raised money to sponsor [...]
  • Rufford Country Park and Rose Cottage

    Hi dog friends, At the weekend Hum (human Mum) took me to a new place for a walk. We went to Rufford Country Park where she used to take the boys when they were little and where apparently her Mum loves to visit because of the tea rooms and craft shop. We stuck to the lake [...]
  • My Birthday!

    So my dear Doggy Friends, Yesterday was my Birthday and I promised I would share some photos. I had a lovely day just doing what I really enjoyed. So Hum took me to Burnt Stump and I had lots of fun with my friends - Jacks, Harry, Grace and of course my favourite Zeus  - I [...]
  • BNI Meeting, West Bridgford, Nottingham

    Hi all my followers, Well I am a busy girl these days! Yesterday, 3rd June, I was invited by the lovely Haidee Watson (that is her in the photo with Hum) from Hum's accountants, to a BNI meeting in Nottingham. BNI is a Business Networking Referral Organisation and I was invited to attend so [...]
  • The Red Lion, Cromer

    Hi dog pals, How does Hum (Human Mum) do it? She can just find the best places ever to stay! On Sunday night we checked into the Red Lion in Cromer in Norfolk and it was a-maz-ing! Hum had said she initially had hoped for a sea view room but there weren’t any available that [...]
  • BrewDog, Nottingham

    Hi my doggie friends, This was when we went to BrewDog, Nottingham. We were staying at Hart's Hotel and after a nice walk along the canal, Hum decided we should head to BrewDog for a bite to eat. All BrewDog bars are dog friendly - its in the name really - they do a good [...]
  • Ye Olde Bridge Inn, Oxton

    Hi my doggie friends, Yesterday we went to Ye Olde Bridge Inn, Oxton for a bite to eat. It has recently been refurbished and looks very classy and I noticed several dog ornaments on shelves and the fireplace which was a good sign to start off with! Dogs are made welcome in the bar area where [...]
  • Hardwick Inn

    Hi again dog friends, After our time in the Park at Hardwick Hall, Hum took me to the Hardwick Inn for a snack. As dogs, we have a special door to go through – to the right of the main entrance; this leads to 2 rather lovely cosy rooms where we are welcome. They have [...]
  • Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

    Hi my doggie pals, Had a lovely day out at the park surrounding Hardwick Hall. I didn’t see any of their Longhorn rare-breed cattle BUT I did meet some sheep for the first time ever! It was so exciting! Had a staring competition with a lamb and did want to round up some of the [...]
  • The Hoste Arms, Burnham Market

    Hello again my four legged friends, Back in Norfolk and this time Hum took me for lunch to the rather splendid Hoste Arms in Burnham Market. Apparently her late husband used to take her here when they were first dating – he must have been a great guy as this is really rather special. We were [...]
  • Pet Friendly Location UK

    Burntstump Country Park, Nottinghamshire

    Hello again my friends, Thought I would share a great place with you. Hum takes me to Burntstump Country Park at least twice a week. It is a great place no matter what the weather just to run and play and meet other dog pals. I often meet up with my Cockapoo friend Bella and [...]
  • Pet Friendly Location UK

    Hart’s Hotel, Nottingham

    Hi Doggy Pals, Here we are a Hart’s Hotel in Nottingham and where do I start! First of all we had a wonderful welcome from the lovely Melissa and Klaudia – just check out the photo of me checking in! How clever am I! We were shown to a Garden Room – like how good [...]
  • Pet Friendly Location UK

    Blidworth Woods, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

    Hi my doggie friends, This is where Hum takes me for walks as it is nearby and I get off-lead to explore. Lots of lovely wooded pathways and of course Jan's Van to get a dog sausage afterwards! Zuki Paw Rating
  • Pet Friendly Location UK

    Holkham Estate, Holkham

    Went to Holkham Hall Estate at Easter with Hum & family. Look at me and Hum outside the Hall – don’t you think I look like I belong somewhere like this! This place has a HUGE garden with a lake and all sorts to explore. We followed the Easter Bunny signs to the Walled Garden [...]
  • Pet Friendly Location UK

    Victoria Inn, Norfolk

    Hi again doggy pals, Back in Norfolk – Hum just loves it here. As we have listed the Victoria on places to stay I thought we had better go and check it out properly for my pals. When we arrived there was a bit of a welcoming committee waiting for me – think I am [...]
  • Pet Friendly Location UK

    Bosworth Hall, Warwickshire

    Hello fellow companions, Winston's the name and my dear friend Zuki has very graciously invited me to contribute to something she calls her blog. Tells me my travelling experiences will be invaluable. Took a trip to Bosworth Hall in Market Bosworth, Warwickshire recently. Lovely country pile just the sort of place that suits me down [...]
  • The Orange Tree, Thornham, Norfolk

    Hi again my doggie friends, Now this is a proper dog friendly venue! Not only do they have 6 rooms where we can stay with our humans BUT in the bar they have a menu just for us! Take a look at the photo of me being shown the menu! I have been here twice [...]
  • Pet Friendly Location UK

    The Old Green Dragon, Oxton

    Only got a photo of the sign for this one – I think Ben, Hum’s son banned her from taking pictures inside – he is very camera shy and gets embarrassed when Hum starts setting up shots in front of everyone 😉 Anyway I would highly recommend The Old Green Dragon in Oxton to all [...]
  • Oscar’s Lounge & Restaurant, Calverton

    Here I am hiding under the table at Oscar’s in Calverton. Hum booked to go with family for a pre-Mother’s Day lunch so a Saturday lunchtime. She checked if it was OK to bring a dog and they said ‘yes’ on the phone. When we got there we were about to be shown into the [...]
  • Manchester Palace Hotel, Manchester

    Hello my doggie friends, Now this is a very grand place to stay. I feel very posh and therefore very at home 😉 Hum had better sort out her décor at home to match my standards. This is me at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. We stopped over when leaving Jack back to University and [...]
  • Golden Fleece, Wells-next-the-Sea

    So here we are in the Golden Fleece in Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk. Hum has a caravan here and this is her favourite place to eat. I think because Izzy the Restaurant Manager and Steve the Landlord are just SO welcoming and friendly and do their best to put us on Hum’s favourite table in the [...]
  • Beach Café in Wells next the Sea

    Hi my doggie friends, Here I am at the Beach Café in Wells next the Sea. What  wonderful place this is! Outside they have the K9 Watering Hole for when we are thirsty after a good run on the beach. Inside is lovely and cosy with a log burning stove and lots of comfy seats [...]