Beck Hall Malham, Yorkshire

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beckhall dog friendly 8So my dog friends,

We sadly left Ox Pasture Hall and after a run on the beach at Scarborough, we headed off to Beck Hall Malham @BeckHallMalham. This is the place Hum saw on @channel4 @4inabed and we thought it was crazy that people complained about its dog friendliness so we decided a Dog Blog review was in order!

The journey was not great – it had rained and rained and rained and Andy the owner had called and warned us but Mrs Sat Nav chose to ignore his advice and took us down little twisty, flooded roads and Hum got all stressy but hey ho we got here OK.

The river was very high and to get into Beck Hall Malham you had to cross what Hum called a ‘delightful little bridge’ and I called scary! The river was right up to the top of the bridge and was SO fast flowing I was sure I could’ve got washed away seeing as how I is just a little dog so Hum carried me over 🙂 Thanks Hum 🙂 you are nice sometimes.

We were welcomed by the charming Charlotte who got Hum a cup of tea before checking us in – ‘what a lovely welcoming gesture’ said Hum. We went into the snug and met other dogs and their Humans who were doing a walking holiday and Hum met Diane from @DogWalkHolidays and she recognised me!!!! Hey, how cool is that!!! I am getting to be almost famous I think!

The snug was really cosy and there is a loyalty bar for the humans and a lovely fire and comfy seats and rugs and generally it was just a nice place to be and both Hum and I calmed down – her from the drive and me from the bridge!

We were shown to a lovely Riverside room and Hum couldn’t have been happier. Sofa to sit & watch TV; window overlooking the river – she loves water and a view so she was ecstatic!! Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! She squeaked! She also got a bottle of that Prosecco stuff she likes so a very very happy Hum.

She loved the décor – the wallpaper especially with ducks on it; the fact she had a mirror near a power point to do her hair; a flask of real fresh milk for her coffee;  lots of coat hooks/hangers and a place for muddy boots.

She did feel it might be advisable for Andy and Louise to supply dog towels – she wasn’t fast enough and oops! I got muddy paws on the duvet before she could unpack my towel and blankie. Sorry Andy & Louise! REALLY! I was only trying to say hello to the little dog on the cushion….

After attempting to wash the duvet Hum continued to explore – fab looking shower – no bars of soap or face flannel and Hum would prefer quilted toilet paper BUT a proper heated towel rail and everything immaculately clean.

We had a walk into the village and stopped @TheListerArms where I got a homemade yummy dog biscuit!

Back and time to get ready for dinner and my date with Wookie (Andy & Louise’s dog). Hum had had votes as to what from @neckwearfordogs I should wear and the bow was most popular so I got dressed and Hum put on another of her many, many dresses and off we went to the delightful Secret Garden Restaurant.

Well my pals – Wookie stood me up!! I mean ‘ME’ – Wookie stood ME up!! How very dare he!!! But he tweeted to say it was his Hum’s fault so I forgave him. Hum was hoping for a ‘When Wookie Met Zuki’ moment but not to be and anyway who needs a doggy dinner date when you have a perfectly cooked steak to eat!!!

AND some lovely Yorkshire and Lancashire cheese which Hum said was in perfect condition and even asked if she could take some home! Good menu choices from Hum this evening – I REALLY enjoyed dinner! Yum Yum!

Hum slept extremely well – said the bed was super comfy and the pillows good. Before breakfast we had another walk in the woods by the river – easier in daylight and I was able to be off lead until we got to the village. Hum says Malham is a really quaint village and loved that the parking pay machine was just a milk churn!

Got back and Wookie is definitely a much loved dog – there is a statue of him by the entrance. Hey Hum where is ‘my’ statue now I is getting famous and all….

When we got back Hum had a shower and said it was really, really, really good. Super powerful which she likes. After the shower and Hum’s caffeine fix with REAL fresh milk it was time to get ready for breakfast.

I decided to wear my pink fluffy heart from @neckwearfordogs and I met Prince a golden retriever who said I looked real pretty and Wookie was a fool not to have turned up last night!

Breakfast was yummy – poached egg and local butcher’s sausages. After breakfast Charlotte told us how to get to Malham Cove for a walk. Malham Cove featured in a Harry Potter movie and is pretty spectacular according to Hum but I was more interested in the sheep and meeting the other dogs who had been staying at Beck Hall Malham and were also out for their morning walk.

Back to sadly have to say goodbye and Andy saw us off. He liked my suggestion about supplying towels and would consider moving the treats into the snug so there could be a ‘dog bar’ beside the human one.

So well done Beck Hall Malham – you are a super nice proper dog friendly place to stay and I hope you get lots more visitors. I LOVED my time here and Hum said it was magical!


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Beck Hall, Cove Road, Malham, Yorkshire BD23 4DJ

01729 830729

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