Interview & Afternoon Tea at Briarfields, Titchwell, Norfolk

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Well my dog pals,

I have been a very busy little dog over the Easter weekend! Hum really does make me work for a living!

First stop on my hectic schedule was a hotel in Norfolk called Briarfields which is a dog friendly establishment on the North Norfolk coast in a place called Titchwell.

Carl Howell, the Trainee Shift manager is writing an article for the Hotel Blog about how Briarfields is a dog friendly place to stay. When he heard about how good I was at this Blogging business, I got invited to meet him and be interviewed! Cool!

And Hum and her Mum booked in for afternoon tea so it was to be a very pleasant afternoon for us all. Hum’s Mum LOVES tea and apparently Afternoon Tea is really special! (more on that later).

Anyways we got a super friendly greeting from Carl who was behind the bar when we arrived. He made sure we were comfy in one of the many dog friendly lounges they have at Briarfields, got Hum a drink and arrived all proper business-like with his pad of paper and pen ready for my interview.

Hum told him how I came to be her travelling companion and how the website started. Then he asked what we thought made a place super dog friendly. I let him know that I was most happy with a good welcome and gave him lots of kisses to prove it 🙂

I then had to check the pack of what Briarfields offers to let him know if they were getting it right and you know what Dog Peeps – Briarfields really does tick a lot of top dog friendly boxes!

When you arrive, there will be a pack in the room with a dog blanket; dog bowl, poo bags, a treat and a welcome note telling you where you can sit and eat with your Humans and where you can go and walk and play off lead. There is a bin in the grounds as well so lots of what Hum thinks is essential is covered.

We did mention to Carl that maybe 2 bowls (one for food and one for water) would be a good idea and some towels by the entrance to wipe muddy paws might be useful too…Other than that – seemed pretty spot on – I wouldn’t mind some toys being available and some dog biscuits in the bar but that is me being a demanding Diva Hum says….

After my interview, I was well hungry as was Hum’s Mum! Starving! she said and gasping for her pot of tea. I think Hum’s Mum runs on cups of tea the way the car runs on petrol. She certainly needs filling up regularly!

Anyways the Afternoon Tea arrived and my dog pals all I can say is ‘Wow’ – Afternoon Tea really is pretty special; proper fancy – it comes on a posh cake stand and the sandwiches have no crusts and there are mini puddings and stuff!

Hum let me try quite a lot although she said just this once as it really was not what little dogs should be eating. So I can now tell you I like egg sandwiches; ham sandwiches; scones; shortbread and macarons.

Hum’s Mum loved it all and Hum thought the mini panna cotta topped with fruit was super yummy. With all of us suitably satisfied and Hum’s Mum filled with enough tea for several miles travel we set off back to Wells and the caravan. Work done and everyone super happy!


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