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So my dear Dog Peeps,

Saturday afternoon and we checked into the Britannia Nottingham Hotel.

Now you see my friends, Britannia Hotel Group is an affiliation partner of Have Dog Can Travel but some people had reported that rooms could be a bit tired and dated and that they aren’t the most dog friendly hotels in the universe.

SO Hum said I had to go and stay and review one and the nearest to us is Britannia Nottingham so off we went!

We didn’t have the best of starts I must say. I don’t think Deepak who was on reception was much of a dog person. There was no big welcome from him for me; indeed no making a fuss of me at all and he straight away got Hum to sign a thing to say she would abide by the rules for dogs staying and pay £50 if anything was damaged by me!! Oh dear!! Did he not know who I am!!!

There was even a clause Hum questioned as it says dogs should be muzzled in public areas but Deepak did say that wouldn’t apply. Thank goodness for that! My friends they need to remove that clause methinks if they want to be considered dog friendly!!

However things did improve from there…This is considered by many to be a budget hotel BUT our room was REALLY nice! We did have an executive room and it was clean and modern and nicely decorated and REALLY big with a work area for me to do my blogging and Wi-Fi and such-like. There was even a clever thing with the desk where you could lift it up to reveal a mirror – perfect for Hum to do her hair!!!

Other good points were tons of power sockets (and right near that nifty mirror); bottled water provided for Hum and lots of tea and coffee with a nice tea pot that Hum approved of. The bed was big and although Hum had brought my blankie, there was a huge purple blankie at the end of the bed which Hum thought was a great idea! And waiting for Hum was a robe and slippers – all in all very good!!

On the downside, the bathroom did appear a bit old & tired and the door didn’t shut properly. There were no toiletries apart from soap (well Hum likes soap so that was fine); no face flannel and no bath mat to step on when coming out of the shower. AND there is nothing provided for dogs who are staying – you need to bring all your own stuff. BUT as noted before, this is not presented as a luxury hotel so you can’t really complain too much….

Downstairs in the café bar in the lobby we met the lovely Victoria who did make a fuss of me and said we should go up to the bar and see if they would let us in there. Dogs are not meant to be in the bar or restaurant but we went to explore and met Bobby; John & Michael. They said it was fine for us to be in the bar ‘cos it was really quiet and also said I could have breakfast there with Hum! John who was the Duty Manager said they really do try to accommodate their guests and if it is quiet and there is no one else eating but us then it is OK for me to be there 🙂 SO plus points for that guys!!! BIG thanks – made Hum happy and a happy Hum is good to have around!

Because we didn’t think we could eat together at Britannia Nottingham Hotel,  Hum had rung other places nearby and we went to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem @Yeoldetripnott for dinner (Blog post to follow).

Back at the hotel and we headed back to our room to chill and for Hum to watch TV and me to put paw to paper and start my blogging.

Hum and I slept really well in our big room. Hum said the bed was super comfy but the pillows were a bit flat. She had found more in a cupboard so that helped the situation. The room was really quiet considering it is next to a busy city centre road and the curtains were really good at blocking out the light – Hum loves pitch black to sleep in. We were quite high up in the hotel and when Hum opened the curtains she was really impressed with the view of the city AND the fact it was a MUCH better day!

We went for a walk before breakfast as it was such a lovely sunny day. We walked back down to Ye Olde Trip for Hum to take a photo in daylight and there was a good grassy area for me near the walls of Nottingham Castle. I met the legendary Robin Hood on our journey – well a statue of him anyway. We also found a shop with a notice saying Dogs Welcome @storefullofcool so Nottingham is definitely improving as a dog friendly destination.

Hum keeps finding more pubs we can visit as well so I am sure we will be back again sometime to fill you in on them!

Back at the hotel Hum had a shower (good and powerful she said), wrapped herself in her robe; had her coffee and caught up with the news on TV. Ah – that was another downside – every time she switched the TV on it did a full scan for channels so it took ages for her to be able to watch what wanted…

Having sorted the TV we set off for breakfast. The restaurant manager confirmed it was OK for Hum to get her breakfast and bring it into the bar to eat. It was a buffet breakfast so Hum set off and I was a good girl and didn’t have too much separation anxiety as I knew food was coming! She had got scrambled eggs and bacon to share with me and tomatoes, mushrooms and toast just for her. I’m not allowed mushrooms but she said they were excellent and had been cooked with lemons. I think Michael who we met last night was the chef so you did good Michael to get a ‘yum’ from Hum!

After breakfast it was time to pack and leave. Hum got her car park ticket sorted and off we went. The car park BTW is just opposite the hotel entrance so very convenient and you get a reduced price if you are staying at the hotel.

So there we go – been and seen one of the Britannia Hotels for you. Is it super dog friendly? No. BUT it is good value for money and in a good location and the staff were as accommodating as they could be. If you want luxury pay more and stay somewhere such as Harts Hotel but if you need a city centre reasonably priced stop-over then Britannia Nottingham Hotel is just fine.


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