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Hello again dog friends,

I promised you I would tell you about the boat trip we went on in Norfolk. It was Hum’s friend Tessa’s surprise birthday party and it was on the Norfolk Broads with Broad Tours.

Hum was very happy ‘cos she loves a boat trip and she loves Norfolk and she loves Tessa as Tessa introduced her to Phil (her dear late hubby).

We could see the Broad Tours boats from our balcony at Hotel Wroxham so we were only a short walk away from the start point.

The Broad Tours boats are dog friendly and I was welcomed on board along with Solo who was also joining us on the trip. Solo is a BIG dog but very sweet and gentle and he had his bed with him and everything! Why didn’t Hum think of that! Still I liked to walk around and meet everyone and explore so that was OK.

We were also greeted by Tessa who squealed with delight when she saw Hum and Tom, Aurelia, little M and of course ME!!!

The boat set off from Wroxham and we travelled along the water called The Broads and Hum caught up with all the family and friends and then we went up on deck so she and the other humans could take in the views and admire all the little houses by the waterside.

I was happy on this boat ‘cos I was allowed out and about not like the ferry to Ireland where I was left on my own in the car 🙁 And this boat didn’t move too fast so I didn’t feel it was unstable either – I really enjoyed it!

Everyone said how well behaved I was and I didn’t disgrace myself unlike poor old Solo who seemed to think the ‘Poop Deck’ had that name for a certain reason!!! Oops!!

Inside there was a bar where I got a nice bowl of water and then there was LOTS of food – I particularly enjoyed the salmon – so much that poor Hum was yet again left with the green salady stuff – hey ho.

There were people playing music on the boat and Hum liked that too – I think she wanted to dance but everyone was glad I was there to stop her doing embarrassing ‘Mum’ movements 😉

So we all wished Tessa a Very Happy Birthday on Broad Tours and everyone agreed her hubby Alan had made a great choice.

Super day out and great time had by all!!!


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