Castle Inn, Bakewell

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Hi Doggie peeps,

My name is Eddy and Zuki’s Human Mum (Hum) met mine when she came in to buy Zuki a laptop so Zuki could do her blog better.

As my Hum works in a computer shop I have access to lots of new and latest technology gadgety things and so have no probs knocking out a review for the Zukester. I think she is SO cool! Great to be on her website and all. Thanks Zuki!

Anyway, my Hum told Zuki’s about a place we visited recently – the Castle Inn at a place called Bakewell (they make tarts in Bakewell apparently but I didn’t get offered one). The Castle Inn was pretty cool though so thought I would jot down my thoughts for you.

I was very pleased with the Castle Inn in Bakewell! They have a very nice area for humans to eat their food whilst us doggie kind had our own area to eat! They have very nice staff and an outdoor area to play and get some fresh air.

The nice kind lady brought us a yummy treat for choosing such a great establishment. Even my owner enjoyed the food and service! A must to visit after a nice walk around the area!

So get yourselves off to the Bakewell and the Castle Inn and maybe you can discover what a Bakewell tart is and let me know.




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Phone: 01629 812103


Address: Castle Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1DU

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