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So my dear doggie friends,

I am putting pen to paper (or rather paws to key board) to tell you more about my London adventure.

We had gone to London for Hum’s little granddaughter’s birthday and as they lived in Chiswick that is where we spent some time. Chiswick has been chosen as one of the five best places to live in London according to a guide which described W4 as “a family oasis par excellence.” Wow that sounds good BUT the test was whether it was also par excellence when it came to us dogs!

So while preparations were underway for the birthday party, Hum and her stepson took me out and about in Sunny Chiswick to test just how dog friendly part of Greater London could be! I mean, not that I am a country bumpkin or anything BUT I am used to living in a village with fields and woods and suchlike to walk in. Not used to streets and pavements and SO MANY people!

Anyway off we set and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! First off there was a nice park to play in at Homefield Recreation Ground and apparently there is also a place called Chiswick House where there are lots of dog friendly areas to play in.

Then on Chiswick High Road is a BIG statue of a man with a dog – so that is a good sign. Apparently this is a statue of the artist Hogarth and his beloved dog and he lived in Chiswick. Good stuff making sure the dog was honoured. I did take this as a REAL positive!

And I was not disappointed! Hey guys check me out in my bandana! I got this from Metro Bank – a dog friendly bank no less! They have a dog mascot and bowls of water at the entrance and I was also given a nice ball to play with!

It didn’t stop there – there were SO many shops which were dog friendly and you can see in the photos some we visited.

First off the pet shop (well it had to be dog friendly l guess). Then we went to a shop called Whisk which sells kitchen stuff but they like dogs! Hack & Veldt Delicatessen had a bowl outside labelled ‘Dog Café’ (how cute)! Now as you possibly know I am not a fan of communal drinking so I was most impressed that Swirl (a yoghurt shop apparently) had a nice big bowl of biscuits – now that is proper dog friendly – thanks Swirl!!!

Finally along Chiswick High Street we came across a man making a lovely dog sculpture out of sand! Not sure why but it was a thing of beauty and just confirmed that the people of Chiswick like dogs and treat us with respect.

So now Chiswick is on my Dog Blog guide as a good place to live whether you have four legs or two and certainly worth a visit.


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  • Eva Barnes
    25th September 2015 at 1:42 pm

    Chiswick is really dog-friendly place. I want to recommend you Chiswick House .I’ve worked in Chiswick for a year-and-a-half for a moving company and I”d never heard of Chiswick House until a fellow dog walker, recommended it to me after I complained to her about all the rubbish my dog was getting into at our neighborhood park.

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