Devonshire Arms, Pilsley, Derbyshire

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Hi my four-legged friends,

After our lovely walk in the grounds of Chatsworth Estate, Hum took me to the Devonshire Arms at Pilsley.

There are 5 hotels owned by Chatsworth Estate and 4 of them are dog friendly – Devonshire Arms, Beeley; Devonshire Arms, Bolton Abbey; Devonshire Fell, Skipton and The Devonshire Arms, Pilsley.

As it was very close to the Chatsworth Estate, we went to Pilsley and I must say it was rather lovely.

Jeanette was extremely welcoming and took us to see one of the dog friendly rooms. I had real hair envy as Jeanette’s hair was just amazing and I had all mine cut recently.

Anyway I digress – the rooms that are dog friendly are newly decorated Four Poster bedrooms and we were shown one called Ballcross. Hum was most impressed with the décor (lots of oooing and aaahing) and said the bathroom was stunning (I don’t really notice the bathrooms as I don’t use them). The bed was pretty amazing however – so tall that there were little steps even for the Humans to get up! Maybe that was more to stop us lovely doggy friends getting onto the bed?

Anyway there was a lovely chair at the end of the bed and a nice blanket and Jeanette let me sit on the chair for my photo and held me for another.

As a dog, you get stuff provided at Devonshire Arms Bolton Abbey but not at Devonshire Arms, Pilsley which is a shame – I rather fancied a locally made dog treat if such things exist. So if you stay here you need to bring all your own kit – bed; blankie; bowl etc.

Later we went into the bar for some food. Dogs are allowed in the bar and you are advised to book and you must be well behaved (I am of course as I am used to dining out).

Although I wasn’t provided with water in the bar area, there was a big dog bowl of water at the entrance to have a drink after your walk. Food-wise, Hum decided for a change this time (there are only so many Chicken Caesar salads I can comment on) and ordered Salmon which was delicious. Can’t comment on the veg but Hum ate most of it and seemed happy enough.

So definitely worth a visit but do be on your best behaviour and if staying bring your travel kit. Hum says we can stay at Devonshire Arms, Bolton some time and they provide lots of stuff so when we do I will tell you all about it!


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Address: Devonshire Arms, Pilsley, Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire, DE45 1UL

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