Dog Friendly Ravenshead – where Zuki lives!

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Well dog folks,

Today I is going to tell you about where I live ‘cos it came to my attention that I told you all about dog friendly places throughout the country but had never told you about Ravenshead.

Hum lives with me in Ravenshead, a village in North Nottinghamshire @ExperienceNotts. Hum says it is a ‘new village’ mainly constructed from late 1960s onwards and peoples round here think it is a bit posh but really it is just a nice place to live. Hum likes it ‘cos it is really safe here so we can go out for a walk late at night in the dark and not be afraid and we also has really good neighbours – it is a really strong community where people care about each other.

What I know is Ravenshead is a really, really friendly place both for Hum and for me. Everyday lots of people stop when we go out walking just to chat to Hum and make a fuss of me.

Moreover, most of Ravenshead is super dog friendly and I get to go into lots of the shops and most of the local pubs.

So let me tell you about the best aspects of Ravenshead for a little dog like me. I’ll take you on my favourite walk.

First stop has to be the petrol station shop on Longdale Lane. I gets a good walk down to the shop; Hum picks up her paper AND Gwen, Sue and Jane all have treats for dogs behind the counter and they make a BIG fuss of me!

I need to walk that treat off so Hum then takes me up to the village shops. I head straight to the Post Office @PostOffice which is owned by the lovely Linda. I look to see if she is behind the counter and then make my little squeaky noise to tell her I am waiting for her. Linda keeps dog biscuits and always comes out into the shop to give me a couple and then I get lots of loving also! Linda wants to adopt me and make me the Post Office dog BUT she has competition for my attentions….

At the other side of the precinct is Adcock Financial @haideewatson and I think I might be adopted by them also…

I always pull Hum across the precinct to visit them all as Lesa looked after me when I was little and Hum had to go to Ireland and I luvs her SO much! Also Emma has @Fish4Dogs treats in her drawer and they are yummy.

Most importantly though I do need to go there regularly as they are my accountants for my business and seeing as I am now such an important Business Dog I has to go check that my affairs are in order and that Hum is managing my finances properly.

When we leave Adcocks we often go to Godfreys, the hardware and pet store to say ‘Hi’ to my friend Winston and for Hum to pick me up some tasty treats.

Hum can also take me into the Newsagents; the Solicitors and the Chemist! And we say hello to Mel from Strawberry Fair if she is outside ‘cos I’m not meant to be in the food shops.

I do however get to stop at Janice’s Cheese shop – Janice sells cheese from her house and at markets and I got to sample some and can tell you the Welsh Brie is particularly delicious!

In the evening we sometimes go to Hum’s local, the Sherwood Ranger pub @greeneking where Richard the landlord also has biscuits behind the bar! Everyone is super friendly at the Ranger and Hum likes to go there to socialise.

Other dog friendly pubs in the village are The Hutt and the Little John. Both have areas where you can sit with your Humans while they enjoy a meal.

So my dog pals Ravenshead is quite a delight for us four-legs – so many treats offered by so many lovely people! So many places where we are made welcome! A very good place to live indeed 🙂


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