Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire

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Hi my doggie friends,

Hum and I are just back from a visit to Hanbury Manor @hanburymanor in Hertfordshire. Hanbury Manor is on our Listings so when we had to go to take Ben back to University in Hertfordshire it seemed sensible to combine that trip with a Dog Blog review.

Hanbury Manor started allowing dogs to stay just 2 years ago and Simon the Sales & Marketing Director was keen to get the hotel on our website as he wants to start promoting dog friendliness more. SO we set off to check how the hotel was doing so far and to meet with Simon to hear his plans and offer any advice we could.

We got a great welcome from Demi at reception who had spoken to Hum on the phone and seemed to be properly in love with me (I am sure she upgraded us to a Prestige suite rather than room because of me) – Hum really should be most grateful to me!

It had rained and rained and rained so I was somewhat wet and muddy and when we got into our room Hum dumped me straight into the bath and gave me a shower even before I had time to check out our surroundings! She said it was ‘cos it was all so beautiful and she didn’t want me to mess it up!

SO I can tell you first that the bathroom was simply stunning – really big and with all the stuff Hum loves. She got her face flannels; proper bars of soap; a demisting mirror; appropriately positioned towel rail and a heated towel rail also; big fluffy robes and slippers and what she announced were excellent quality toiletries! Happy, happy Hum 🙂

Things are not yet so good for us four leggy people. I can tell you this is the first place where we stayed and Hum got treats instead of me!!! Lucky Hum!! There was no bed or bowl but this turned out to be a small oversight due to the staff being so busy over the Christmas period. They are usually provided as a matter of course. Anyway Hum had brought my bed, bowls and my blankies so all was good. And amazingly my blankie matched the décor – clever Hum!! She had also put in my towel – just as well as I needed a shower after every time we went out! Great British weather!!!

The rest of our suite was totally amazing according to Hum. In fact she just let out a ‘Wow’ and then was speechless for the first time I have known!! It really was that good 🙂

We had a little sitting room cum dressing room and then the bedroom which was enormous. There was a lovely chair and stool combination which formed a sort of chaise which of course Hum loves and I must say I really enjoyed chilling out on it and catching up on some TV.

Hum approved of the fluffy pillows; the enormous comfy bed; the dressing table with huge mirror and sockets by it to plug in her hair dryer and especially liked the fact there were blinds and curtains so she got her really dark room that she totally loved. She slept really well! I had to wake her up to take me out for my morning ablutions. She did think that the quality of coffee could be better in the room and as there was a fridge in the room it would have been nice to have fresh milk.

Hanbury Manor really does look after the human folks rather well. There is a spa and a golf course and nice restaurants and a lounge for afternoon tea. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in any of these at the moment which is a shame as Hum really fancied the menu 🙁

We took ourselves off a mile down the road to the Anchor Inn for dinner instead. The Anchor Inn is on the outskirts of Wadesmill and serves good quality/value pub grub. All the staff (especially Connor) made a huge fuss of me and we had a chicken burger (well I had most of the chicken and Hum had all the other stuff – I am sure she really enjoys bread and salad)….

In the morning Hum took me out to explore the grounds and Hanbury Manor really does have lots to explore! We were given a map by reception and set off to find everything on it. The walled garden was rather lovely especially as I could get off lead safely. We also found a little cemetery; the rose garden and my absolute favourite the Secret Garden.

When we came back and after yet another shower, breakfast arrived in our room! Hum had ordered eggs benedict and I can tell you this is an exceptionally tasty dish indeed! And very nicely served!

After breakfast we had a meeting with Simon in the Oak Hall (one of the places I shouldn’t be if people are eating). Simon is an extremely elegant & charming man and offered Hum tea in proper china cups and ensured we had a lovely seat by the big fireplace. He was very keen to hear our thoughts on Hanbury Manor and very open to suggestions.

He was most apologetic about my missing bed but showed us what was usually on offer – really very lovely! High quality indeed! Hum filled him in on what she felt might be essentials – dog towels by the entrance and dog bins and poo bags around the grounds. They then discussed what other hotels offered in terms of items in the room and Hum suggested something to protect the beautiful white linen such as a throw.

Simon told us they were planning on sending letters out to us doggies to welcome us tell us where we are allowed etc. He is also hoping to get a dog walking map supplied at reception. I think these are fantastic ideas and hope he gets them in place soon for you all to enjoy!

Finally he took us to see different rooms in Hanbury Manor that could be opened up to allow Humans to sit and eat/drink but with their canine companion with them. We looked at the library; the cocktail bar and Vardons Bar & restaurant. Personally I think the cocktail bar looks ideal but I am sure they will find the place that they feel suits all their guests best.

SO we left Hanbury Manor very happy indeed – I am pleased we could be helpful and really do look forward to a return visit to check on all the improvements.

At the minute I award Hanbury Manor 3 ½ paws but I know Simon is keen to get the upcoming Zuki ‘Paward’ for best hotel so expect at least a 5 paw next visit!


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