Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

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Hey Dog Friends,

So at the weekend Hum’s brother-in-law, Gerard was over from America and they decided to take me out into Derbyshire for a visit. Now Hum had been looking recently to see if there were dog friendly places to go in Derbyshire and discovered Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath.

Well she discovered it was dog friendly I mean – she used to take Jack and Ben there when they were little for a day out and so now it was my turn! Yeah!

Originally apparently the Heights of Abraham was only accessible by foot and that was one VERY STEEP walk. However in 1984 they installed cable cars so you could go from the bottom to the top in these little hanging sort of car things and catch the view. Oh and don’t we all know how Hum loves a good view!!!

So off we set and the nice man who sold Hum her tickets told us I was very welcome in the cable cars and on the walks but not in the buildings/caves.

Then we got to the cable car and Oh My, dog pals that was one SCARY thing! Like a sort of metal and glass bubble on a wire and you got in and the door sealed shut and then it went up and up and up in the air and it was swinging and I must admit I did cling onto Hum for all I was worth!

And there was Hum happily going on about the view and could Gerard take a photo of us and me thinking – ‘don’t move Hum! You’re making it wobble and swing! What if we fall? It’s a long way down!’ But of course we were fine and we didn’t fall and it was perfectly safe (Hum wouldn’t put me in danger) and she was SO happy with all her good memories I forgave her for thinking it is OK for dogs to fly.

At the top there was a lovely walk and lots of bowls of water for us four-legged folks and we saw view after view to keep the humans happy and I met other dogs and did lots of sniffing and it was all very good indeed.

Hum and Gerard stopped for a cup of tea at the Tavern and we met the lovely Dominic who made a HUGE fuss of me and told me he did all the Social Media stuff for Heights of Abraham and marketing and what-not so he was REALLY pleased to meet me and we will follow each other on Twitter and such-like. You need to look for #heightsofabraham apparently.

He told us how they tried to make the place as friendly for us four-legged folks as they could and put water out and about and they can’t let us in the caves for preservation purposes but they do really REALLY want us to feel welcome!

So a grand day out although I was happy when back on firm ground – don’t think I will take to flying any day soon!


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The Heights of Abraham, Dale Road, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3NT

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  • Lucy
    20th October 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Hwello zoki twis is LUcy fronm UTAH . LOVE YOUR pics luv lucy,

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