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Hi again my dog friends,

From Scotland Hum took me on a big floaty on the water thing called a Ferry which looked quite interesting until I was told I had to stay in the car on my own. Well I made sure when Hum came back that she knew where the car was as I managed to set off the alarm 😉

We stopped with Hum’s Mum for 2 nights and then set off with Hum’s Mum to another hotel. Apparently there are not many dog friendly places in this country of Northern Ireland where Hum’s Mum lives but we were going to try out 2 of them.

The first Northern Irish hotel was the Hilton Templepatrick. We were made extremely welcome at reception and shown to a magnificent big room. It was as if there were 2 rooms – one for Hum & Me and one for Hum’s Mum – certainly there were 2 enormous beds and a lounge area and a big bathroom where they had a sink each! Hum’s Mum said she had seen flats for the elderly smaller than this room!

There was nothing in the room for me specifically but this was rectified. Hum’s Mum had forgotten her book and a nice girl called Stacey got in touch with Housekeeping to see if there were any suitable books in a place called Lost Property. Then a lovely woman called Beata showed up with a choice off books and she was really upset that I hadn’t been catered for. She said they did usually have the rooms set up with stuff for us four-legged visitors so she promptly set off and turned up at our room with a bed/cushion; a bowl AND toys for me!!!! I loved the rope toy especially and she said I could keep it 🙂 BIG thank you to Beata!!!!! Beata is the BEST!!!!

In this hotel we could only eat together in the lobby but they were very kind and brought me water and sorted Hum and her Mum out with dinner. Hum’s Mum liked the lobby as she could people watch and spent the time updating Hum on the wedding party that were coming in.

Hum ordered Chicken Caesar Salad as we hadn’t had that in a while – I thought it was Yummy but Hum noted a lack of bacon and egg. Hey ho – but I guess she is a bit of a Chicken Caesar Salad expert now. It didn’t matter to me – I get the chicken and that was just fine and Hum ate lots of the green stuff and seemed to enjoy that a lot.

Hum’s Mum had fish and chips and onion rings which both she and Hum rated particularly highly! I’m not allowed onions so I can’t comment but they made lots of ‘Oh’ and ‘Ah’ noises and ate them all up so that is usually a really good sign.

In the evening I played ball on a bit of grass near the car park which was fun but in the morning Hum was shown a walk in the grounds towards the golf course which was really lovely and we met other people with dogs and we chased in puddles and it was really REAlly good!

We slept extremely well in our respective big beds and I did try a little while with Hums’s Mum before coming back to Hum. The big beds were very comfy indeed. More comments about sleeping like a log from Hum. Good pillows too! She likes good quality pillows.

Breakfast was a bit hit and miss as I don’t think they are used to serving it in the lobby – things didn’t turn up that should have and the waitress would go off and not return for a long time leaving Hum and her Mum a bit frustrated. BUT we got there in the end. I liked the scrambled egg a lot but was not a fan of the sausage.

So would we stay again YES! Did I like what they provided for us – YES! What did Hum think? Well she LOVED the room and the walk and the atmosphere and how attentive the staff were. BUT it would be nice to have somewhere to sit other than the lobby with your dog and the food could be better for the price.

Definitely think it is worth a visit  though and I would defo stay again!


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Phone: 028 9443 5500

Website: www.hilton.com/templepatrick

Address:  Paradise Walk, Castle Upton Estate, Templepatrick, Antrim BT39 0DD

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