Is Blackpool Dog Friendly? Zuki checks it out!

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 7th May 2016 / Days Out / 9 Comments

Hi Dog friends,

Hum was challenged to find out if Blackpool @visitBlackpool was a dog friendly place to visit so we set off – her with her suitcase and me with my Rovernighter @rovernighter  to find out.

First off was finding somewhere to stay. Hum rang lots of hotels including Maples; The Savoy and the Elgin and found that in nearly all the hotels dogs could stay in the bedrooms but nowhere else in the hotel so nowhere to eat or have a drink or a cup of tea!

Hum didn’t think that was very practical and I didn’t think it was very dog friendly so we thankfully finally found the absolutely wonderful and VERY dog friendly Chesterfield hotel @PetsWelcomeBnB (see previous Blog).

Next issue was finding somewhere to eat! The Chesterfield has a lounge and bar area (both dog friendly) but doesn’t serve evening meals so we needed to find dog friendly eateries.

There are some pubs where dogs are allowed in such as the Lifeboat and The Old Bridge BUT again they don’t serve meals.

For evenings there is the Pump & Truncheon which is a really lovely friendly pub that serves real ale for the Humans and lets dogs in BUT they only serve pizza so not a lot of choice 😉 I mean the pizza was delicious! I had the meat feast with Hum but apparently humans don’t want to eat the same meal every night….

Julie at The Chesterfield does dog sitting so you humans can go and have different meals and you can always eat a take away there but so far Blackpool is not rating highly as a dog friendly holiday destination!

So what is the town itself like for us four-legged folk? Well my friends we are allowed on the trams @Blackpooltrams both the new ones and the Heritage Trams that go up and down the pier. Hum decided we would take the new tram to the end of the line to a place called Fleetwood.

Fleetwood has a famous market and there is a great walk along the seafront where there are also boating lakes and a Memorial Garden. We stopped to chat to some folk at the Ferry Café which had tables outside to sit with your dog but we also did see a dog go inside so that may be a place to visit…otherwise take your Humans to The Steamer Pub near the market as it is dog friendly.

After a walk around Fleetwood, we took the tram back to Blackpool Tower. Now us dog folk aren’t allowed into the Tower at Blackpool nor are we allowed on the Piers which is a shame. They looked like a lot of fun 🙁

I wanted a ride on a Horse and Cart that was dog friendly but Hum wanted to go on a Heritage Tram and actually that was well cool and I got lots of fussing from the driver and conductor.

We got off at The Pleasure Beach and I must say my dog pals, I am REALLY glad we aren’t allowed in there and on those scary rides!!!

A stroll along the New South Promenade takes you past the world’s biggest glitter ball which Hum was very taken by – she LOVES the TV show Strictly Come Dancing and as part of it is staged in the Blackpool Tower then they seem to have honoured it with this BIG sculpture – apparently your humans will understand the significance more than us dogs…

Across the road from the Glitter Ball is the Solaris Centre @Solariscentre where you will find Chicco’s Café which is dog friendly! Yeah! There are 2 tables inside set aside for people with dogs and the kind lady who served us gave me water and chopped up my sausage for me! Now that is good service! Chicco’s really has a lovely atmosphere and Hum said the coffee was excellent! Praise indeed from Hum.

The main beach in Blackpool has restrictions between May and September but there are beaches at either side of the piers which are dog friendly all year. I was lucky we were there just at the end of April so I got to play on the main beach just at the end of the road and across the prom from the hotel.

The beaches are all lovely however and you will defo have a good time with plenty of sand to run on and sea to splash in and you can always take the tram to the dog friendly part of the coast.

Another good place to go for a walk is Stanley Park which is enormous and there are lots of walks (some places to get off lead) and lakes and wildlife to check out.

So what did I make of Blackpool? Well not the most dog friendly place in the universe by any means with only 1 really dog friendly hotel and 2 dog friendly eateries.

So sorry Blackpool not my highest paw rating – definitely room for improvement!

BUT my friends, if your Humans do take you to Blackpool make sure you stay at The Chesterfield and visit the Pump and Truncheon and say ‘hi’ to my new friends Julie & Steve at the hotel and Kelsie and Joe at the pub.


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  • Jackie
    29th September 2016 at 10:46 pm

    I live in blackpool and love dogs.i dont have any ecvept for a cat.however my sons visit with their dogs and they have the dame problem..travelodge lets you have dogs stay…i myself look after the dogs if they want to go out and am happy to look after amyones dog if they need a few hours to go in the tower or just look around.solarice is great place we love it there and starrgate beach is great for dogs

    • Lisa Binns
      26th December 2016 at 9:03 pm

      How lovely of you 🙂

  • Ann Hobbs
    25th June 2017 at 9:01 am

    Thank you for all the info about blackpool we are here for a weekend but have now decided to give it a miss and head for Lytham st Annes

  • Nicola Mullen
    1st July 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks your information was really helpful and we will avoid Blackpool x

  • Peter Smith
    21st July 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Shame you seem to have missed St. Annes. Beautiful Beach stating at Blackpool South Shore, most of which is free for Dogs and their Owners to stroll the days away, (it was once voted the 2nd most dog friendly beach in the UK. First class dog friendly cafe on the Pier. Lots of shops put water out for canines

  • h witheridge
    18th January 2018 at 11:40 am

    there are quiet a few pubs in blackpool now that are dog friendly there is the brew room it is also child friendly till 8pm i believe it serves food we also have the rakes hall pub a little stroll up from town but not far also serves food and is a historic hall from blackpolls past there is the fresch cafe that is dog friendly and the mandarin restaurant for small well behaved dogs the same with shopping debenhams is small dog friendly as long as owner carries the pooch its all good there are loads of establishments also you have the rose and crown pub and the gynn pub which is off north pier as for hotels the biggest one that is dog friendly is the imperial hotel can’t miss it alot of b&bs are dog friendly too just google it loads of walks best bit north prom or lytham beach lytham and its shops most are dog friendly just ask us locals have dogs and have no problems also lytham hall has a lovely tea room dog friendly and some lovely walks for a small entrance fee but again another historical place also stanley park is a great place to take your dogs highly recommend it hope this helps as more and more places are changing there policies

  • colin williams
    26th August 2018 at 1:30 pm

    We also found Blackpool very undogfriendly, not many places to eat with my beloved friend who is friends to all . If you want a dogfriendly break that you can also go into lovely places to eat with them then I would say avoid Blackpool.

  • Lyndsay
    25th September 2018 at 5:25 pm

    What a shame you missed my pet friendly b&b off we serve home cooked food and are fully licenced. We also have dogs of our own and we go everywhere with them. We are in town centre of Blackpool. We know several pubs and cafes which serve food and are dog friendly. Please don’t put people off coming to Blackpool. Every experience is different.

  • Pamela
    16th November 2019 at 5:12 pm

    Hi, I’m heading to Blackpool with my small furry friend near the end of the month, still looking for suggestions on where to eat and drink. Thanks

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