Manchester Palace Hotel, Manchester

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Hello my doggie friends,

Now this is a very grand place to stay. I feel very posh and therefore very at home 😉 Hum had better sort out her décor at home to match my standards. This is me at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. We stopped over when leaving Jack back to University and I must say our accommodation is miles better than his student room! We booked a Superior Room which Hum seemed surprised we were allowed in – not sure why but that is humans for you. Anyway I am so pleased they gave us a room where the cushions matched my blankie. How very thoughtful. Oh and just so you know, I may be testing out the furniture but did have my own bed to sleep in – note to all my doggy friends – always take your blankie so you can at least test the furnishings – Hum won’t let me on beds or chairs without it.

We couldn’t eat in the bar or restaurant at the hotel so had to find a bar where I was allowed in for the evening. We went to BrewDog which was great (will tell more of that separately). However, in the morning I was SO excited – these two charming young men turned up to our room with a trolley laden with food – my favourite sausages and lots of fruit and healthy stuff for Hum! It was brilliant! Hope we can do this more often. I had a fabulous time!

Can only give 3 paw prints as although the room was great and breakfast lovely it was a shame there weren’t places we could eat and drink on site. And the surrounding area didn’t have much scope for those morning ablutions (if you get my drift)..



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Oxford Street, Manchester, M60 7HA, Manchester, UK

+44 (0) 161 288 1111

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