My Birthday!

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 5th June 2015 / News / 0 Comments

So my dear Doggy Friends,

Yesterday was my Birthday and I promised I would share some photos.

I had a lovely day just doing what I really enjoyed. So Hum took me to Burnt Stump and I had lots of fun with my friends – Jacks, Harry, Grace and of course my favourite Zeus  – I love him – he lets me chase him endlessly and that is just super fun!

Then we got to the fun part. Hum had ordered me a cake from – how good was that! it is peanut butter and carob and dog chocolate icing! SUPER – well my fav is the icing really 😉

Hum also got me a new puppy toy. When I got here she had a puppy toy for me but I didn’t want to share my bed with it and I liked just playing with it. Hum nicknamed it ‘Kill Puppy’ as she reckoned I killed it on a daily basis (would I?) mmm

Anyway 1st puppy toy isn’t looking so well so I have a new one – how sweet. Nearly got its nose off tonight but will need more effort 😉

Will keep you updated on new puppy’s progress but do suggest you show your humans the photos of my wonderful cake!

Moonpig card was delicious also – not sure Hum meant me to eat it 🙁


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