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Ox Pasture Hall Dog Friendly 0Hi Dog Pals,

Hum is super proud of me and happy ‘cos I got us invited to a very lovely dog friendly Country House Hotel called Ox Pasture Hall, @oxpasturehotel, near Scarborough. Shaun the owner offered us a stay in a luxury suite so as I could do my Dog Blog review of Ox Pasture Hall. Thanks Shaun!

After a relatively uneventful journey as Mrs Sat Nav behaved herself and took us on good roads, we arrived at Ox Pasture Hall.

Hum thought it looked really pretty from the outside and we were welcomed by the very friendly Jenny. Jenny let me do check in and made a big fuss of me before taking us to our suite.

Our suite was across a little courtyard with a fountain in it – big plus points as Hum loves a water feature!

When we got in, Hum did that little happy squeaky noise she does when she is pleased and excited. I was worried she would show me up by doing her happy dance but thankfully she left that until we were on our own! Phew!

Jenny also took us to show us where we would eat and where to go for a walk. She really was most kind and attentive.

Hum really liked the room or rather ROOMS, ‘cos we had a lounge AND a bedroom!! Very posh! So Hum did her looking around and her ‘Oh Zuki, look at this’ over and over – she was indeed a happy Hum.

The bathroom was enormous and Hum said it had the Wow factor with a big wet-room style rain shower and 2 basins with sort of water fall taps so I have had to include a photo for your humans to see. Hum said the tiles were lovely marble and the finish was superb. And there was a proper bar of soap AND she got her face flannels so I got a very contented Hum 🙂

She did find some little weaknesses – there was no towel rail in the bathroom for her to hang used towels up – the radiator could be replaced maybe with a heated towel rail? There was no soap dish so she didn’t know where to put the soap when it was wet.

Other things she noted were that there was no dressing table mirror near a power point for her to do her hair. She also felt there could be a coat hook somewhere for wet outdoor coats so you didn’t need to put them in the wardrobe.

I thought she should be extremely happy with what she got seeing as how she was only there ‘cos I got us invited!

From my point of view there was nothing provided for dogs in the room – perhaps even just a towel in the entrance to the rooms would be a good idea as it is walking country and we four-legs can get muddy?

In the bar area again no dog treats and some other ladies were disappointed that there were no biscuits for the humans with their cup of tea.

All that aside, Ox Pasture Hall really does make dogs feel very welcome and the staff are absolutely lovely. There were other dogs in the bar and Lynsey the Manageress brought me a big bowl of water and then checked what I would like to eat for my dinner – how cool is that!!!!!

Hum had a ‘really, really good’ pot of tea and chatted to other guests with dogs and I had a play with a little dog called Doris. After Hum’s ‘really, really good’ pot of tea, we went outside where Jenny had shown us to go for a walk. The grounds were lovely – extensive gardens, a lake and some deer which turned out not to be real – thank goodness! We had a walk and played ball and met Doris again.

Hum said she could see that this would be a fantastic wedding venue and that even in the rain it was really beautiful!

Back to the room which Hum said I had to tell your Humans was not only spacious and nice décor but spotlessly clean. She says that is really important to humans.

When it was time to go for dinner, Hum put on one of her many dresses from Annie’s shop and said I should look nice too and wear my pearl necklace to show I appreciate the standard of Ox Pasture Hall.

What a treat dinner was! We had just the BEST service. Shown to our table by Alan and he gave Hum a glass of Prosecco whatever that is – all I know is Hum liked it a lot. I got a proper big bowl of water and then the food began.

Hum got something called an amuse bouche and she was in heaven as it was scallop. Then she got homemade bread with special butter and raved about that too. By this time I was like – hey where’s mine? BUT she had ordered a pigeon starter which she said was delightful to look at and I can tell you was even more delightful to eat ‘cos she shared it with me 🙂

The lovely smiley Paul arrived then and served me chicken that Chef had prepared especially for me!!! This was super-duper, fantastic, excellent and I LOVED it!!! Hum had duck and I guess this is one of the first times she has been able to enjoy one of her choices & not had to share it with me ‘cos Chef cooked me my very own meal!!! Super yummy food and Hum said great service! Happy days – Hum really enjoyed her duck and said it was really beautifully presented fine dining of an excellent standard. Can’t get better than that Chef!

So although Ox Pasture Hall doesn’t provide some of the things other hotels do for dogs (blankets, beds, treats etc), cooking a meal especially for your dog certainly is very special and dog friendly indeed!

Hum slept well in her big bed and said the pillows were good quality. In the morning after a walk in the grounds Hum tried out the rain shower, wrapped herself up in the lovely fluffy robe provided and had her morning caffeine fix while watching the news.

At breakfast again the service was superb and this time chef cooked me some scrambled eggs. Another YUM!!

Thanks Ox Pasture Hall for treating us to a truly wonderful stay. Excellent food; room and Fab-U-Lous staff!

This is a place I would highly, highly recommend you get your humans to bring you AND only just a short drive from Scarborough where North Beach is dog friendly part of the year.


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Lady Edith’s Dr, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 5TD

01723 365295


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