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Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 30th June 2015 / News / 0 Comments

Hi Doggie Friends,

Over the next while you must keep checking in to my Dog Blog as Hum (Human Mum) and I will be giving you travel tips for all your exciting holiday destinations that you have found on Have Dog Can Travel to go to with your humans.

Hum was most excited to find that you can travel with your human on Virgin Trains and so has booked us a trip for late July when we will go to London together! How cool is that! And she was in good enough time to get a really good price ‘on-line’ so we are even going 1st class! SO excited!

If your Humans don’t want to stay in the UK and have got you a Dog Passport it seems you can go to different countries and go on an airplane which sounds really rather amazing. BUT if you think you would be sitting up in 1st class all comfy on the plane like the photo at the top of this blog then I think you would be most disappointed – the situation is more like the photo on the side 🙁

A nice lady called Maria from the Heathrow Airport Guide sent Hum a link to travelling with pets on the airplane.

Check out this link and then get your Humans to really think about whether you should try plane travel or whether they might be better to take you to one of our nice recommended places here in the UK.

If your Humans do want to take you abroad on the plane then do please get them to check the link Maria sent so it is as stress-free as possible.

I will do a review of the train travel when back from London. Also hope to review the Tube (underground trains apparently).

Later in the year Hum says we might try a ferry crossing so lots to look forward to. Keep checking!


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