Rovernighter Photo shoot with Bounders Dog Photography

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Hello again my lovely dog friends,

The day had come – my big moment! I, little Zuki was to have my first proper modelling job! And be properly photographed by a real Professional – the fabulous Joe from

Ruth is a super, creative lady who has created the Rovernighter which is a really cool piece of kit for dogs who like to travel with their Humans. Basically the Rovernighter is a travel bag with lots of pockets to store all the doggy essentials such as treats; poo bags and toys BUT it is real clever and unzips and turns into a bed for when you reach your destination. I mean how COOL is that!!!

Hum really needs to invest in one for our travels as me nearly being famous and all it looks bad when she shows up behind me at hotels with carrier bags of my belongings – like an old bag lady – not good Hum – not good at all!

Anyways Ruth needed a hotel venue to for the Rovernighter photoshoot and me being so well connected got Hum to sort the Devon Arms Bolton Abbey @Dev_Hotels . This is a lovely posh dog friendly hotel and there is even wall paper with dogs on it one of the lounges.

Hum & I stayed the night before in the Shepherd Room where the shoot would take place and in the morning while the very attentive staff were tidying up, we went downstairs to meet everyone.

We met Ruth and her dog Bronwyn and Joe and Scrooby outside. I met Scrooby before at the swimming place and she is lots of fun but Bronwyn was new to me. Now Bron is extremely cool. She is a consummate professional as like me she is the ‘Brand’ of our Hum’s businesses. She was like – ‘come on girls I’ll show you how it is done. Just follow my lead’.

I had recruited another little pal who I had befriended the night before so Samson joined us and we all met the lovely Sonya from Devonshire Arms marketing and the Humans sorted what was to happen.

First stop was the Dog Lounge and because Samson had to leave with his Humans he was the lounge dog for the shoot. Joe told me I could be the bedroom dog – indeed the boudoir did seem more like my natural domain.

Samson liked Bron’s squeaky burger toy and Joe was brilliant working with him to get a fab shot. Us doggy girls were well behaved waiting in the wings for our turn with Bron telling us what it is like being the brand of Rovernighter and Scrooby telling us all about the other photoshoots Joe has done – she LOVED the one where he had other Jack Russells. They wanted to know all about the other hotels I had visited so we had a real proper girly time and agreed our Humans do give us great adventures 🙂

We moved up to the bedroom and it was my turn. Now dog pals – I thought this modelling stuff looked real easy – Hum watches Top Model on TV and I often think – why are those girls making such a fuss about just sitting or standing for a while. BUT now I understand. It isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to position yourself just right to get the best angles AND show off the product AND show expression AND not blink when the big light flashes!!! AND it takes like forever to get it just right. By the end I was thinking OK – this is a bed – think I’ll just have a nap and looks like Bron felt the same from her photo!

Joe is a brilliant photographer – Hum needs to take lessons from him AND get a better camera to capture my cuteness better in future. I loved working with Joe and he had a pocket of treats that was also pretty good to find 🙂

Joe really does get the best out of dogs – his photos are amazing and unique and Hum wants him to take more photos of me sometime to put on the wall in the lounge so looking forward to that!

Hum and I headed off for a walk by the river while Bron and Scrooby did their bit and then it was downstairs for tea and chat for the Humans and a well deserved rest for us models.

I do hope Ruth managed to get what she wanted from the photo shoot and there will be a photo of me that is OK for her leaflet (Oh dear – sounding like the TV model girls now).

Looking forward to seeing that and being with her demonstrating the Rovernighter at Crufts. Come meet us there and check it out (Hall 2 Stand 139). I will be there on Thursday and Bron will be there on Sunday where we will be available for pawtographs and photo opps #datewithamodel!

So dog pals if your Humans want to take you on travels you should defo get them to check out the Rovernighter AND if they are so in love with you they want a great portrait of you you must introduce them to Joe at Bounders Photo.

A BIG high 5 paw prints for the Rovernighter and Bounders Dog Photography!


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