Sainsbury’s Cats versus Dogs Prize Draw

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 16th July 2015 / News / 0 Comments

Hi my doggy friends,

Not to do with travel but Hum (Human Mum) and I were contacted by a very nice lady called Marta.

Marta deals with the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog and as a fellow blogger she got in touch ‘cos she had seen my fabulous blog entries!

How cool is that to get such recognition!

Anyway Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters have got a Prize Draw at the moment called Cats Versus Dogs.

All you got to do is vote to settle the argument once and for all as to whether cats or dogs are best.

Now my doggy pals I think you know what the right answer to that argument is but to ensure we keep in the lead (we are in the lead just now), we need to take action! We need to get our Humans to vote for DOGS! That’s right – VOTE FOR DOGS NOW!!!!

Oh and it is a Prize Draw – there is a chance for the Humans to win £250 in Sainsbury’s vouchers so they can get us a Humongous amount of treats and toys!!!!

You can vote here:

And just check me out in this picture getting ready to multiple click the mouse thingy on the laptop Hum got me recently so I could work better!

Oh and it is worth checking things call ‘links’ on Marta’s page as there are lots of tips for looking after dogs your Humans might like to read :-)




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