Sleepover in Nottingham

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 12th June 2015 / News / 0 Comments

Hi my doggie friends,

Had a sleepover with Hum’s friend Debbie’s two Bichons, Hugo and Alfie.

Hum (human Mum) had gone to London – she had an award to present at some event and stayed in a non-dog-friendly hotel! How dare she! Naughty Hum!

Anyway I got to meet Hugo and Alfie and had an encounter with Bella the cat. she was cool about it and I didn’t chase her.

I did play chase with Hugo and Alfie but I think Alfie was a bit scared of me. Hugo was more confident and so he took me for a stoll round the garden and we played boxing and tug of war with his squirrel toy.

Nicole and Debbie took us all for a walk and although tired out couldn’t get us to sit and watch the Guide Dog programme on TV. Hum says I can watch it on catch-up whatever that is so will update you when I have seen it.

Sleepovers are fun but I was still pleased to be home with Hum last night.


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