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Hi my doggie friends,

OK so for our last night in London we did a shift in type of hotel – from Travelodge to the 5 star St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel!

Now we have got this hotel listed on our website and I have been dying to go stay there! It is SO splendid a building! And they have a dog mascot – a Dalmatian ‘cos they filmed 101 Dalmatians here! And Madeleine the Communications Manageress had told Hum all about the St. Pancras Pooch Package when we were listing the hotel on the Have Dog Can Travel website and it sounded Fab-U-Lous! I SO wanted the Woof Box!

I had hoped that Hum would have booked the St. Pancras Pooch Package for me but she didn’t (mean Hum) so I got in touch with Madeleine and she said seeing as how it was me and I was promoting the hotel on my website and all, that she would let me sample some of what the St. Pancras Pooch Package offered! Yeah! Hum should be most grateful – I got us (or rather me) an upgrade – I am a clever dog! The Woof Box would be mine!

We travelled across town on the Underground and arrived at the very impressive entrance to the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Now this IS true style! A proper big, beautiful, classy hotel! Thanks Hum! This is very fitting for me indeed. Just my sort of place!

When we went up the steps into the hotel, it was AMAZING! We were greeted by very smart people in uniforms and everyone knew my name! Like EVERYONE! SO Cool! Love it! Love it! Love it! They all talked to me and said they were expecting my arrival. Hum was impressed but I think she was a little jealous of all the attention I got. But then I am the VIP! I mean I do the reviews on MY Blog.

The lovely Thomas showed us to our room and I think Hum had an upgrade too! We got a Premium Barlow Room so it was bigger than standard and had one of those chaise things Hum so likes to lounge on to read the paper. It was in a quiet location too – just as Hum likes.

As Hum says, it is all the little things that make a difference. For me it was the upgraded dog bowls in the room. Yeah! The BIG furry bed. Yeah! The Woof Box! Yeah! That Flamingo Toy! BIG Yeah! Love Pinky Flamingo! Pinky Flamingo squawks when I squeeze her! Yummy treats and a little book about Peggy Lee’s travels in London for Hum to check out! Peggy Lee is another dog BTW. Oh and Madeleine had left us a lovely welcome note too 🙂

Hum also noted the little things that made a difference for the Humans. Especially in the bathroom it seemed – the one area I have to ask Hum for help to review ‘cos I don’t use it…

OK – so first off there was a bath mat (had been missing in Travelodge); and a face flannel (another thing not often offered apparently). And a little seat for Hum to sit on to put all that make up stuff on her face in the morning (not that it makes a jot of difference!). Hum went crazy to tell me that not only was the toilet roll folded in the obligatory triangle (why?) BUT it had a little St. Pancras sticker on that she loved! Humans really do love odd things but they do say it makes it special so who am I to argue!

Hum also got the fluffiest robe ever! And slippers too – she had a shower in the morning –she got all dressed up in this for her coffee and TV fix ‘He he’  – not seen her like that before 😉 Now this was her one complaint – the instant coffee sachets – she felt there could have been better coffee; a cafetiere perhaps? Coffee of the month maybe? And those nasty milk mini cartons – not 5 star…..

However things took a turn for the up….

When we went to the Hansom Lounge where Tom, Aurelia and little M were meeting us, it was again the little touches. A table reserved for us before Hum asked.

Nothing was spelt out – just done without a fuss and with attention to detail. Subtlety and luxury is a GOOD combination!!! Very relaxing and gives you a feel-good factor!

People seemed to pre-empt our needs so you never needed to ask for anything – I got water offered straight off and nothing was too much bother. AND everyone complimented me and said how good I was and how cute too! LOVE that sort of attention!

We had a lovely meal with the family. Hum ordered steak and it was excellent – very very good! The rest of the family including little M got all they needed and there was a lovely little place for M to play and colour and stuff like little people do.

I slept AMAZINGLY well!!! As did Hum. She said the pillows were like sleeping on clouds and I can tell you she is a bit of a pillow connoisseur! I had a hard time getting her out of her bed in the morning! BUT eventually she got up and there was this lovely man in the hotel called the Concierge who sorted us a map and stuff so I could do my morning ablutions. Now there is a little park nearby with an area you can get off lead to play – not the prettiest place but immensely practical for early morning.

We headed back for breakfast. Now that was a pretty breakfast and very tasty too! Really really good! Hum ate the green stuff as ever and I enjoyed perfectly poached eggs.

The nice Concierge man, James, sorted us another walk – this time by the canal (Hum likes her water walks).  He did say he would try to compile a list of dog friendly walks to have on site for us four-legged visitors in future – good stuff James!

Then back to the hotel. Hum packed up and we had coffee (well I had biscuits and water) with the charming Madeleine who had helped orchestrate our visit and had made it amazingly personal and brilliant and fun and relaxing and everything wonderful. Hum agreed with me – she felt fab and we felt like we had had a much longer time away – like a proper holiday condensed but with the relaxation factor multiplied! Very Very Good indeed.

Take you and your humans there – one night makes life special! I promise!

Oh and if you either book by calling our K9 Concierge OR let us know you booked having read about the hotel on our website then I will ask Madeleine to ensure you have a special treat in your room.


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Phone: +44 20 7841 3540


Address: Euston Road, London, NW1 2AR

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