The Devonshire Fell, Yorkshire

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Hey dog pals,

Last stop at another lovely dog friendly place that I can really recommend to you. This is the Devonshire Fell in Yorkshire and we set off from Scotland and drove here with Hum getting grumpy and saying lots of what I am sure are naughty words to sat nav lady as she took us on more twisty windy roads cross country BUT she avoided the traffic queues so Hum calmed down and we arrived safely.

The Devonshire Fell is listed on our website along with all the other Devonshire owned places. Hum was most kind – she got a room offered at the Devonshire Arms Bolton Abbey BUT ‘cos they don’t let me eat with Hum there she said we would stay here even though there was only a small room available.

However when we got there we had an upgrade to a Fell View super-duper room! Big and beautiful and just lovely and matching my blankie!!! Hum should really appreciate me sorting all these upgrades for her! She super loved the décor.

The Devonshire Fell do not at this point in time provide anything for us doggies for our stay so you need your bed; blankie; bowls; food and treats….BUT I had a word with Helen and showed her my piccies of what Trigony provided and she was like ‘We SO need to do this’ so I expect it will be happening very soon! Helen told us where we could go for walks and we had a lovely play in the garden which is really nice!

We met some people who had been out for a grouse shoot and so I met real working gun dogs – impressive! Still I do work for a living too – I am just much more current really! A modern working dog with my blog and all.

Later when we were sitting in the lounge Helen came along with a toy for me!! She had found it and said I could play with it during my stay. It was great – another kindness from Helen who Hum said was the friendliest host so far on our journey! Well done Helen 🙂 That is her in the photo with me 🙂 Isn’t she lovely!

Dinner was grouse – not the ones those impressive dogs collected but they were pretty good. Grouse are bird thingys that don’t really seem to escape the shoot very well and taste very meaty. More high quality food produce for you my friends to be introduced to!

The room was very comfy and Hum slept good. Very good except she said the pillows were not as good as at Trigony House in Scotland.

After a quick trip outside for me Hum had a shower bemoaning the lack of face flannel again but LOVING the toiletries – she usually uses her own shampoo but used the shampoo and conditioner here and said it was excellent even on her dry unruly hair! She also loved the fact she had a cafetiere for making coffee and there was a little fridge on the landing with fresh milk. She was very happy about that! She is always a happy Hum with good coffee in the morning. Well done Devonshire Fell!

She also liked having a proper dressing table with power point close by to do her hair and it was well lit for her to sort her make up. An excellent and well designed room she said! Praise indeed from the Hum!

Breakfast was yummy – scrambled eggs and sausage and we got to sit in the conservatory with a lovely view for Hum. Afterwards we went for the walk Helen had recommended. There is a lovely walk along the river and I was able to be let off lead for quite a way.

Where in Scotland the silly woolly sheep things wander all over the place even onto the road, in Yorkshire they are kept safe in fields with high stone walls. However, further along the river walk, we found that in Yorkshire the big cow animals are allowed to wander around and Hum put me back on lead even though I was only running up to them to say ‘hello’ – they didn’t seem to be too bothered and just lay there staring at me so I don’t know why Hum was worried.

Back to the hotel to pack up and leave. Feeling really sad as this was the last stop on our BIG Summer Adventure and we had to head home.

Still I am sure we will be on our travels again sometime soon and I can tell you about more fab places to take your humans to.

A good solid 4 paw prints for The Devonshire Fell – should deserve another when they start providing beds etc. for their four-legged visitors.


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Address: Burnsall Village, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 6BT

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