The Globe Inn, Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk

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Hi Dog pals,

I forgot to tell you about another place Human Mum (Hum) took me when we were down in Norfolk.

We had heard from a nice man walking his Dalmatian on the Buttlands (grassy place) in Wells-Next-the-Sea, that the Globe Inn had rooms where dogs could stay and that they were really nice!

SO Hum decided we should check it out. Now we had visited the Globe Inn previously with Hum’s Mum when we were down just after Christmas 2014 and we got to sit in a little tiny room called a snug and had a really nice meal BUT we hadn’t known about the rooms then.

A nice, friendly man called Mark showed us one of the rooms and I must say it was very well kitted out! It was a big airy room (Hum’s words) with a nice view over the Buttlands which Hum also approved of – she does like a good view out the window does my Hum.

I was more impressed with the bed provided for us four legged people AND a nice blankie! There were also dog bowls and a little bag of treats! I wasn’t allowed to sample the treats as it was set up for a dog coming to stay but they smelt good!

You can eat with your humans in the bar area and if you are booked in to stay you get to reserve a table and get proper waiter service for your meal.

Sadly we weren’t staying and if you are not a resident you can’t book in the bar – you just have to take pot luck at getting a table and then your humans have to queue at the bar to order food.

I am sure most of you other dog friends are OK with this and Hum does say I need to get over something she calls ‘separation anxiety’ BUT it was a hot sunny day and lots of people were queuing for drinks and I couldn’t see Hum from our table and she was away for like EVER! I thought someone had kidnapped her! I mean it took longer for her to order the food than it did for it to be cooked and delivered to our table!!!

So best if you are a resident and then you don’t need to be left while your humans go to order food and stuff.

When Hum was back and I calmed down and the food arrived it was lovely – really delicious so definitely a good place to go as long as you don’t have this separation thingy like me…

Check the photos of the room, the meal (Hum got yellow potato balls with her fish!) and I have included one  of me on the beach ‘cos I found another Poochon to play with! Yeah!

The Globe Inn is very dog friendly if you are a resident – all that lovely stuff in the room etc. BUT is let down by non-residents not being able to book and therefore the need to queue for food in the bar so sorry you have to lose a star for that.




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Address:  The Buttlands, Wells-next-the-Sea NR23 1EU
Phone:     01328 710206


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