The Hundred House Hotel, Norton, Shropshire

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OK dog pals,

I can tell you I have a really happy Hum today. I mean SUPER happy!!

We are staying at one of The Great Inns of Britain listed on our website – The Hundred House @TheHundredHouse and it is totally A-MAZ-ING!!!! Hum is in hotel heaven and I must say life is good for me too!!

From the start with the booking we got excellent service. Gemma 1 helped Hum choose a room to suit her and her many foibles (position of bathroom; décor; mirror with power point; view etc.) but all the rooms are really quite magical according to Hum. Exquisitely decorated – all quirky and individual and named after herbs and spices.

We are in Anise and it is all pretty and pink and gold (matches my pink blankie) and we got chandeliers and a great bathroom and Hum is happy, happy, happy!!

Gemma 2 welcomed us in and let me put paw to paper and check in and took Hum’s bag and showed us up to the room.

Hum squeaked with delight – there is a swing in our room – yes I kid you not dog pals – a SWING!! Apparently all the superior rooms have one. Now I was not so keen (I don’t like wobbly moving things) but Hum was ecstatic and had a lot of fun swinging away and said it made her feel young and happy and boy did she need cheering up – we was at a funeral this morning  and she was really sad 🙁

There was a water bowl provided for me but nothing else (bed or treats) so just as well I had my trusty Rovernighter @rovernighter and Wellybix @Wellybix to hand.

Hum however had all her requirements met. Toiletries including BIG jars of Bubble Bath and Shampoo; face flannel; fluffy towels; rain shower; lots of coat hangers; power point by dressing table; good lighting; bathroom at her side of the bed so she doesn’t have to crawl over me; view of the church; cafetiere with good coffee for the morning and then the Swing was an added bonus.

Everything about The Hundred House is sort of kooky and amazing!

We met Jo, wife of Stuart the acclaimed chef, and she recommended a walk for us but before that we explored the gardens. They are WONDERFUL; again totally magical. I got to smell the herbs and play hide and seek with the Hum and visit the Enchanted Garden which had lots of beautiful little places to discover and statues of teddy bears and other creatures and mini Stonehenge and a stairway to heaven and well lots of exciting stuff to explore!

Hum of course loved it totally and said it would defo be somewhere she would recommend as a dog friendly wedding venue. Oh yes – I need to mention that – Jo told us they have had weddings at The Hundred House where the bride and groom have had their dog walk down the aisle and be ring bearer. How cool is that! Oh and Hum & I sneaked a peep at the Bridal Suite – the Human folks would love it – most romantic!

The bar is a great area for us four-legs to relax in and again it is a lovely space as is the little private function room which was free so Hum chose to eat there.

After the recommended walk and a bubbly bath for Hum, we came for dinner and my dear dog pals Chef cooked specially for me!! How brill is that – perfectly delicious griddled chicken! Yum Yum!!

Hum had black pudding and apple and chorizo and salad and stuff and onion rings which I isn’t allowed but for mains she ordered duck to share.  Turns out the duck dish got published in a book! It was pretty special I must say!

The food at the Hundred House is Fab-U-Lous and delicious and yummy and BIG helpings – just as well I was there to help Hum out 😉

Stuart is a super good chef and we can defo recommend coming here for dinner.

Hum slept extremely well in her super comfy bed and in the morning thoroughly enjoyed having her cafetiere coffee. She loved the rain shower and the fact that everything was just in the right place for practicality but was also good quality and pretty. She does like pretty things does my Hum.

We had a walk in the gardens again before breakfast and I ordered the kippers for Hum and a poached egg on toast for me. Once again perfectly cooked, delicious food.

I don’t think Hum wanted to leave The Hundred House. She seemed to have been transported into a totally happy place. And I do like my Hum to be happy.

But sadly we had to leave. Jo was really helpful and told us some places we could visit before going home that were dog friendly and asked Hum to send photos of what other places provided for dogs in the room so she could implement that.

So what can I say – I would definitely without reservation recommend you to bring your Humans for a stay at The Hundred House – they will find it enchanting and it can’t help but make them happy it seems and if our humans are happy, then so are we 🙂

Please go and enjoy! Oh and make sure you check out all the photos at the top of this blog so you can see how wonderful it is!!


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