The Red Lion, Hellidon, Northamptonshire

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Hey dog pals,

Well soon as I saw Hum get my @rovernighter and @Wellybix out I knew we would possibly be off on another adventure! Yeah!!!!

This time we were off to the village of Hellidon in Northamptonshire to stay at the Red Lion @redlionhellidon which is the village pub that allows us four-legs to stay in the rooms and to eat in the bar.

Hum says Hellidon is a quintessentially English village with its thatched cottages and such-like and we were going ‘cos they have a village fete where there is a dog show Hum thought would be fun to attend.

Mrs Sat Nav got us here extremely smoothly – no windy roads or hold ups so Hum was indeed happy.

When we arrived we got a great welcome from Matt who made a fuss of me. Ross who runs the Red Lion also came out to say ‘hello’ but as he is chef I don’t think he was allowed to give me cuddles – hygiene and all that.

Matt carried Hum’s bag up and showed us our room and guess what! Yet again we got a room that matches my blankie! How does Hum do it?? We were in the Green Room and it was nice enough – pleasant bed linen/curtains/blind and if I sat on the bed I could see the view of where the fete would take place BUT Hum reckoned it definitely lacked a Woman’s Touch as she put it…there was a lot that could be improved.

She noted instantly that the carpet was grubby in the room (more on that later); although tea and coffee was provided there was no milk; there was only one coat hanger in the wardrobe; no face flannel and no shower.

Hum was happy however to see as well as shower gel and shampoo she had not one but two bars of soap and great big towels to wrap up in.

We unpacked, came to check out the bar and let them know Hum needed milk and coat hangers both of which were sorted out quickly.

As the Red Lion shuts between 3 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. we went on a walk that Matt suggested to us. It was a really good walk down a place called Gated Road and I met Betsy and Florie who were good company.

Then Hum decided to head off to find the Hellidon Lakes Hotel as Matt thought it was dog friendly, however although dogs are welcome in some of the bedrooms, they aren’t allowed in the bar. Hum rested her feet outside with a cup of tea taking shelter from the rain and then we headed back to the Red Lion in time for it to re-open.

I got another great welcome from Matt & Alex and met a dog called Gracie who was being looked after there. Hum sorted us a table and we settled down so I could start my blog.

Ross really is a good chef – the food was exceptional. Hum ordered one of my favourites – breaded brie and then we had pork 2 ways with apple gravy and it was REALLY yummy!!!!

Back in our room and there were other foibles to contend with – if you want other channels than BBC on the TV you have to put a cable up and over the top of the telly for it to work! Very odd indeed!

When it came to sleeping however, Hum slept really well – the bed was comfy although the pillows could be fluffier she said.

After a quick morning walk round the village, we came back for Hum to get ready for the day. Now she had been told if she wanted a shower she could use the one in Room 8 so this is what she decided to do.

BUT as she set off she got all Hotel Inspector-like (she loves that programme) and said ‘No guest should ever have to see a room like Room 8’! It was tiny and cramped and a mess with bedding on the floor and racks of linen and towels and the bathroom door was damaged and someone had already had a shower in there and then there was the issue of the carpet!!!!

If no guest should have to deal with Room 8 then absolutely NO ONE should have to walk on the landing carpet! Meant to be beige, it was filthy black right down the middle and Hum was not prepared to put her bare feet near it!!!

Please Ross change THAT carpet and steam clean the one in the bedroom – they are both quite grim and Hum is sure unhealthy….she said the real Hotel Inspector would have ripped them up immediately!

Hum decided to stick to our bathroom in future and just use a jug to wash hair as our bathroom was quite nice and clean, if not luxurious.

Hum did her make-up stuff (nice little dressing table but no power point next to it to do hair drying and the lighting was poor for make-up) and then we went for breakfast.

Hum’s late hubby always said you can tell a good chef by their scrambled eggs and I must say Ross’s scrambled eggs did not disappoint. Ross really is a good chef. There was a cafetiere of good coffee too so we had a happy Hum at breakfast. AND they gave Hum a newspaper so she could read up on the Brexit news – apparently it was a big shock to the country – we is leaving the EU but I don’t know how it affects us doggies so I’ll leave it to the Humans to debate.

After breakfast it was time for me to have a bit of hairbrushing before heading to the Dog Show which I will tell you about in a separate blog.

When we came back we were both wet and muddy so Hum and I both had a wash and blow dry (this time in our bath) – no more venturing near Room 8 😉 before dinner.

Once again the food was really excellent! We had lamb medallions to start and smoked haddock for mains. YUMMEEE!!! Thanks again Ross.

After another good night’s sleep, a bubbly bath for Hum and another walk down Gated Road for me (‘cos I can get off lead there), it was back for breakfast.

This time poached eggs and again Ross’s cooking was perfection. Really delicious and excellent quality ingredients too.

So well fed and watered it was time to pack our bags and say our farewells.

So would we recommend the Red Lion?

Well definitely the pub where water bowls are provided and you get a fantastic welcome from the really charming, friendly staff.

And we would ABSOLUTELY recommend the food which really was some of the best we have had on our travels BUT not the room.

I am afraid we won’t be staying here again until we know something has been done about THAT CARPET!!


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