The Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro, Bangor, Northern Ireland

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Hi again Dog Pals,

Our next stop on Our Big Adventure was at a seaside place called Bangor. The hotel was called The Salty Dog and had pictures of dogs around; the wall paper had stylized dogs and salt shakers on and there were paw prints on the walls and even on the waiters’ shirts! They like their dogs all right!!!

We were meant to be in a room split in two between Hum & me and her Mum but that room was right at the top of the hotel and I can’t count but there were like lots and LOTS of steps – and we went up and up and then round and down and then up again and again.  Maeve, who checked us in,  thought it would be very difficult for Hum’s Mum so they moved us into a room that was much easier to get to. And I had a bed and a bowl and some biscuits provided!

Hum’s Mum liked this other room a lot ‘cos it was big and luxurious and bright and had a view of the harbour and the sea and a seat in the window for her to people watch while we went for a walk. Hum’s Mum LOVES people watching!

After grabbing a bit of lunch – Hum had a thing called a Scotch Egg that was well tasty, Hum & I set off to find the beach. People in Northern Ireland don’t seem to have a great sense off distance ‘cos they kept telling us the beach was just round the corner or a few 100 yards away but we walked and walked and walked for like AGES before we saw the beach in the distance. It was worth it though as there were nice dog folks to play with and chase into the sea and I found a good stick for Hum to throw. Just when we got back Hum’s Mum was REALLY REALLY worried about us – she thought we had got lost!

The food at Salty Dog was exceptional. Hum raved about the homemade breads and she and her Mum had a 3 course dinner as part of their room rate which apparently was extremely good value for money.

Hum ordered pigeon and told me it was a flying bird thing – a country version of the ones I chase in towns. Whatever it was it was SUPER tasty!!!! Yum to the pigeon!!! Then we had pork – this meat comes from a pig and I know what they look like ‘cos I got my Mr. Grunty Pig toy. Pigs are tasty too! I am getting to know my food produce very well. Then she ordered cheese – I LOVE cheese – good meal HUM!!!! And Hum and her Mum said it was delicious too. They love all the homemade stuff and the local stuff. SO the food well surpassed what we had the previous night at the Hilton apparently. Sorry Hilton Hotel but it was just in a different league!

Sleeping wasn’t so good however…..thing is I need to protect my Hum and our room was just above the door to the bar so we could hear people coming in and out. Also everyone staying here seemed to walk past our bedroom door and I couldn’t help it – I just need to bark to alert Hum that someone might be trying to get in. And Hum only had a little bed so I couldn’t get up to protect her properly – I had to bark – honest! Unfortunately it just seemed to upset Hum and her Mum and they moaned about not getting much sleep! How ungrateful of them!

Still breakfast helped liven them up. Once again as it was served away from the restaurant ‘cos of me being there, it was a bit haphazard with things turning up at the wrong time and stuff left off the dishes that should have been on there. Even so, Hum again said that it was excellent quality and perfectly cooked scrambled eggs. I must say I had to agree – quite superior to any we have had before.

I can definitely recommend Salty Dog as it is one of the few places you can sit in a bar area and have a meal with your dog in Northern Ireland but I think Hum might choose a room at the back next time 😉

I know the people of Northern Ireland love it and one couple even had their wedding there so their dog could be with them. Now those are good dog owners and the Salty Dog a great place to bring your Humans! Find it and enjoy!


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Phone: 028 9127 0696



Address: 10-12 Seacliff Road, Bangor Co.Down BT20 5EY


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