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Hey dog friends,

Let me tell you the next part of my wonderful London adventure!

When we got to London it was wet. And I mean WET! Not just a little bit of rain but a MASSIVE downpour. Lots and LOTS of rain. Hum had to stop and drag her and my raincoats out of her backpack so I could go outside the station for a quick toilet break before next part of our journey.

Back into the station we went and then Down and DOWN on these weird moving stairs called escalators. Glad Hum (Human Mum) had the forethought to carry our stuff on her back so she could carry me on those! Still I kept calm and tried to look ‘COOL’ like I do this every day and am not at all fazed by it! Moving stairs are not natural I am sure!

We were travelling on the Underground or Tube as it is known in London – other cities have other names apparently – Metro; Subway and such like but in London it is the Tube. Got to ensure you know the right terminology my friends so you too will be ‘cool’ about town.

Well Tube trains are odd but OK when you get used to them. Deep in a tunnel and they go very fast and stop a lot and a lot of people get on and off at all the different stations. We did that at one point – to change train and tube line apparently – they have lots of different train lines to get you to the right destination. And all the lines have different names and colours – we went on deep blue Piccadilly Line and dark green District Line!

SO anyway it was fine – really my dog friends, the best idea is to lie down and not in the way ‘cos there are SO many people and so many feet to negotiate as a little dog! And all the people seem busy busy and agitated to get to where they need to go and all squeeze in so you have to be careful. Still people were very nice to me when they saw me and I got some lovely strokes from some cute children so I was happy.

We reached a station in Chiswick called Turnham Green and out we got into the RAIN. That RAIN! Yeuk – I hate getting my hair wet!

Both Hum and I were getting soaked but we battled on to a thing called a Bus Stop where another form of London transport was on offer. A Big red thing called a BUS. As far as I can make out a bus is like a super big car that carries lots of humans and us dogs are allowed as long as we don’t sit on the seats. The big red bus thing was very hot and very noisy but very efficient and took us safely if somewhat soggy to our hotel.


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