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Hey dog pals,

Our first hotel in London was Travelodge Kew Bridge. When we got here it was raining SO hard and everyone was soaking wet waiting to check in – just lots of people dripping everywhere! SO the poor people behind the reception desk didn’t have time to make a big fuss of me then. BUT on the other hand, they did treat it as totally normal that I should be checking into the hotel and maybe that is how it ought to be everywhere….

And when Hum (Human Mum) asked if there was anywhere we could go to have a drink, they were really, really kind. ‘Cos of the rain they said that although dogs are not usually allowed in the bar/restaurant area, that we were welcome to go in – there was no way we could sit outside! So very kind!

The bed room was nice and big and bright and I had fun making a little den with my bed and toys under Hum’s BIG bed – it was a big bed she got! Travelodge don’t provide any facilities for dogs staying so you need to bring your own bedding; blankie; bowls; food etc.

Hum and I slept really well and in the morning I got a REALLY FANTASTIC welcome at reception. Look at me! Maybe I can be the Travelodge Dog?

There is a grassy area just at the side of the hotel or across the road is the Thames Walk and Waterman’s Park next to the river so good places to walk very close to the hotel which is most useful and quite pleasant indeed.

When we came in for breakfast we were again allowed into the bar/café area so very nice, friendly service indeed!

We stayed at Travelodge Kew Bridge for 2 nights and on both mornings breakfast was a tad chaotic. It was really busy and so there was often a shortage of glasses for juice for Hum/water for me; a shortage of cutlery and the food was OK – not as delicious as some places we have stayed – let’s just say the eggs did taste better than they looked (I am not the only one to say that). Everyone was really, really nice to me however – just all a bit frantic and could have been more relaxing…

There were other things Hum noted – the good first:

I think she likes places like Travelodge ‘cos you know what to expect and there can be no ‘room envy’ – all the rooms are much the same so you can’t wonder if someone is in something much more fancy.

So Hum liked the room AND she LOVED the de-misting mirror in the bathroom so she could sort her face out in the morning and put that make-up stuff on that she thinks makes her look better…mmm she is delusional.

However the room for improvement:

She commented that that there was no bath mat so the floor got really wet when she got out of the shower and there was no face flannel (although that is the case in lots of hotels).

Also her coffee sachets weren’t replenished and she is a grumpy Hum without her caffeine fix!

Still overall Travelodge is a great place to stop over – you get a good night’s sleep in a very pleasant room and overall Hum would agree with me that it is practical; pleasant and very good value for money.

We will definitely stay at other Travelodges but it might take a while to review them all – after all there are 500 of them and they all allow us dogs to stay!

Go, take your Humans, travel and enjoy!


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  • jonny chow
    20th October 2017 at 5:30 am

    Loved this blog it was quite adorable and amazing at the same time

  • John
    16th January 2018 at 10:04 am

    Travelodge is an extraordinary place to stop over – you get a decent night’s rest in an exceptionally charming room and general Hum would concur with me that it is viable; lovely and great incentive for cash.
    We will remain at different Travelodges however it may require a significant stretch of time to audit them all – after all there are 500 of them and they all permit us canines to remain.

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