Trigony House Hotel, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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Well Well Dog Pals,

Have I got news for you! I think I have just found THE NUMBER 1 Dog Friendly Hotel EVER!!!!

We were later than intended getting to Trigony House Hotel as silly Hum managed to lock her keys in the boot of the car at her Mum’s house and so we had to get on a later big floaty Ferry boat thing.

I didn’t set the alarms off this time on the car deck BUT I did chew through my strap and managed a wander around the car. Hum didn’t look very happy about that….and I was SO pleased to see her!

After a journey where Hum said bad words to the Sat Nav lady ‘cos she took us a twisty road way, we arrived at Trigony House Hotel near Dumfries in Scotland.

Well I can see why Hum wanted to be here early to enjoy it! Our room was just A-Maz-Ing!!!!! Totally AWESOME!!!! A BIG room with a conservatory just for us to sit in and our own private garden!!!!

I had a bed and bowls provided and there was a lovely little gift box for me too! There was a welcome note and inside a message from Roxy and Kit the dogs that live here letting us know that whatever I needed could be provided! AND there was a biscuit, treats and a map to tell us where we could go for a walk. Now that is SUPER friendly!!!!!

Hum was happy with the room too. She got a proper dressing table with a socket nearby so she could sort her hair out – she always complains when the power is too far from the mirrors. In the big bathroom she was delighted to find those elusive face flannels she always likes to see. And she loved the rain shower.

As it was quite late we didn’t try a walk in the evening and after all I had my garden to explore and play in.

Dinner was delicious and I met Roxy – I didn’t growl at Roxy like I do some other dogs ‘cos she was big and friendly and it is her house after all. Dogs can be with you in the bar area and you can eat there and there is another little sitting room we are allowed in. Only the main restaurant is out of bounds but still there are more rooms for dogs than just for Humans here so that is the best we have found so far!

For dinner Hum ordered duck – they are swimmy bird things – not the ones that hiss. They are super yummy I can tell you. Then we had venison which is really deer – they are woodland animals that some people find cute. Not as cute as me I am sure – anyway deer tastes good too!

Hum found her bed super-duper comfy and said it was the best night’s sleep she had had on the journey. She raved about the pillows and said she should have noted the make as she would like to get some for her bed at home! SO she was a happy Hum in the morning and even happier to find good quality coffee in the room! Yeah! At last she has her face flannel, great pillows and good coffee – happy days for Hum indeed!

Oh and she said the toiletries were lovely and she is going to have to buy some of the soap! She is quite fussy about her soap so that must be a real positive too. Trigony is really doing well for the Human as well as the dogs!

Breakfast and again I met Roxy and chilled with her. The lovely Fiona asked Hum what she wanted to breakfast and then asked me if I would like a sausage! Well that is the first time someone has actually taken my order so a big Plus for Trigony on that one!!!!

Hum had something called kedgeree which had fish and rice and a poached egg and I had my sausage and a bit of hers to taste. Very good indeed. Hum LOVED it and was reluctant to share for once.

We went for a walk following Roxy’s directions and had a lovely time exploring the woods. Back to the hotel for a couple of photos with the lovely owner Adam and then back to our room for me to start this write up, have a game of ball and let Hum have a cup of coffee and a bit of morning TV watching.

SO I can totally absolutely recommend Trigony House Hotel. PLEASE bring your humans here and have a good time.

I think I will have to create a PAW award and give it to this hotel. Defo number one on our road-trip and I would even say most dog friendly of all the hotels we have stayed in to date!

If I could give it 10 paw prints I would but Hum says it isn’t easy to do that on my website BUT I did manage to make the Paw Prints BIG so you know it really is a top 5 paw print place to stay – make sure your Humans read this and COME HERE SOON!!!!!


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Phone: 01848 331211



Address: Trigony House Hotel, DG3 5EZ Closeburn, Dumfries And Galloway, UK

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One Comment

  • Linda and John Parr
    16th September 2015 at 5:55 pm

    Good evening Hazel’

    Thanks for email, so pleased you both enjoyed Trigony, one always wonders when you recommend a place, glad it turned out well.

    Rained this morning but we did manage to get to Burntstump later when the weather brightened up, Buddy enjoyed the walk through the woods.

    Kind regards Linda and John

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