Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk

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Hey dog pals,

Hum and me are back in Norfolk at the caravan in Wells-next-the-Sea. Hum is always REALLY, REALLY happy at the ‘van’!

Hum’s ‘van is with @orchardcaravans and we popped in to see Donna and Bev in the office to say hello ‘cos they are so lovely and Hum says having the ‘van’ on The Orchard Holiday Park is like a home from home and her bolt hole and it just makes her happy to be here! I do like a happy Hum!

We headed next to the Wells Pet Shop to see Dawn who makes a BIG fuss of me and I chose a treat for when Hum takes me to dinner and Hum bought me a new blankie from there so as I wouldn’t mess up the furniture if I got wet and sandy.

Then it was off to the beach so I COULD get all wet and sandy and have LOTS and LOTS of fun playing ball, splashing in the water and chasing others dogs. Hum loves the beach and kept saying ‘wow, isn’t this lovely’ and ‘can’t believe the weather for this time of year’ over and over and standing in the sea and breathing in the sea air and weird stuff that she does.

After that Hum took me to the beach café for a scrummy sausage roll and a cup of tea for Hum.

@wellsbeachcafe now has a bar for us dogs with barrels with names like ‘Pawroni’ and ‘Carlsbark’ which the Humans all find very funny….I still don’t like communal drinking so I got my travel bowl filled and we sat inside where it is super dog friendly and we can watch photos of all the dogs that visit the café. Hum MUST make sure I am featured soon!!!!!

All was going SO well until Hum decided I needed to get rid of some of the sand in my lovely coat and put me in the Wash & Wag! Hum – the water is COLD! You try it sometime and see how you like it! Anyway we met the manager of the Beach Café and he gave us a discount card ‘cos we is regulars and said I might be able to me an honorary member of the K9 Board of Directors so that made up for my uncalled for shower.

We stopped in town at the shop where Hum always buys clothes and had time with Annie who Hum really likes and Hum bought yet another dress – how many does she need!!!! And then went to a dog friendly art gallery! Wells is super friendly to us four-leggy people 🙂

There wasn’t anything happening here for Halloween so I had hoped Hum wouldn’t make me wear the yucky pumpkin suit she bought but I had a horrible feeling I’d be out of luck as I saw it being packed… I tried to get it out of the suitcase when Hum wasn’t looking but she spotted me and made sure it was back in the case 🙁

And my fears were realised – out came the pumpkin and I was made to walk through the whole of Wells to @WellsFleece 🙁 The shame! The embarrassment!! There were no other dogs dressed up in silly suits – did you notice that Hum??? However when we got to the Golden Fleece Izzy was nice to me and told me I looked lovely and gave me a big hug which made things better and we had yummy food – one of my favourites – Duck no less. YUM!!!!

Next day after more time on the beach (I didn’t get too sandy this time so no Wash & Wag required) we visited a relatively new café called BANG, @banginwells, where there is a sign saying they love dogs and quite like children 😉 Inside is a lovely warm fire and a box of toys for us doggies to play with – great place!!! They even hold ‘dog days’ sometimes with yummy dog treats too!

We also visited @CrownHotelWells which is dog friendly to see if we can get them listed on my website. It is indeed a really nice place and apparently they supply dog beds; towels and treats so a good place to stay! They even have towels by the door for us – most thoughtful!

So my dog pals I am having a super time. Make sure you bring your Humans here @CometoWells! You won’t be disappointed!

If you are a dog just like me, Wells-Next-the-Sea is a great place to be!!!!


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  • Hazel Winstanley
    5th November 2015 at 8:50 pm

    get the cadence of the last phase right and enjoy!

    28th August 2016 at 11:47 am

    Wells beach is one of my favourite places where i always meet lots of friends. Today i met my dreamdog Zuki. We ran and played together and had lots of fun,

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