Wiveton Hall, Norfolk

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Well Dog Pals,

It was another busy weekend for this little dog. Hum took me for Sunday Lunch to Wiveton Hall @WivetonHall in Norfolk for me to check it out as she had been told the café was really lovely and also dog friendly.

Now Wiveton Hall has been on the TV recently on BBC2 – a programme called Normal for Norfolk about Desmond the owner and the Hall, Farm, Café etc.  iPlayer

Hum let me watch the programme and I was REALLY impressed and hoped that I might meet Desmond – after all he is a celebrity now and that is what I want to be when I grow up so maybe he could give me some tips…

It was a beautiful sunny day and when we got there, Charlotte had booked us a table right by the window with a spectacular view over the saltmarshes and we all know by now how Hum loves a view!! She was well happy!

She also LOVED all the bright coloured chairs and tablecloths and the whole atmosphere. They have a cool system for ordering in Wiveton Café – when you get to your table you are given a pencil and a piece of paper and you write what you want on it and give it to one of the staff!!!

Our member of staff was Holly and boy did she make a fuss of me – she was lovely and I got such a great welcome and hugs and cuddles and she took a photo of me with Hum giving my order! I told Hum after she should have taken a photo of Holly as she was so very lovely but the café had gotten real busy and it never happened 🙁 Next time Holly!

The menu was very impressive with lots of the food directly from the farm. I was very pleased with what I ordered – the roast chicken and Hum thought the accompaniments were divine! She loved the beetroot and carrots and we both thought the chicken was really succulent! I don’t really like Hum’s gravy at home but the jus at Wiveton was truly scrumptious! A real hit!!!

We also met Charlotte who had made the booking and was pleased to see us. In fact all the staff knew who I was – most impressive! Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming.

Then the moment I had been waiting for! Desmond came in for lunch! Yes, indeed! Desmond, TV star and celebrity whose amazing eyebrows are as famous as he is! Desmond sat down to talk to Clarey and her friend who were at the next table to us. Hum knows Clarey from Wells and so she managed to persuade Desmond to have a photo with us! Thanks Clarey! Not my best but included to prove we did meet 😉

Now Desmond did say that I must tell you that at Wiveton preference is given to working dogs and by this I don’t think he means modern working dogs like me that deal with social media and write blogs and suchlike. No my friends I think he means proper old school working dogs such as gun dogs and farm dogs. So if you are one of those my friends he will be most welcoming. I think I may need to retrain if I want him to befriend me but he did say I was sweet looking….

After our meeting with Desmond we went for a short walk but Hum kept it brief as there were lots of animals around and she didn’t want me bothering them.

A quick stop at the shop completed out visit and more fussing from the fabulous Verity! Hum loved all the stuff in the shop – great pottery and scarves and jams and honey from the farm.

So a super lunch and lovely time was had at Wiveton and I know we will be back again with Hum’s Mum some time. Hum’s Mum will LOVE the shop!

So take your Humans and have a nice day but remember if you see Desmond you better be a working dog!


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