Zuki checks if East Midlands Trains are as dog friendly as Virgin Trains East Coast

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 27th July 2016 / Travel / 1 Comment

Hi dog friends,

Last time I went to London we travelled with Virgin Trains East Coast @Virgin_TrainsEC but Hum decided we would have a change and try East Midlands Trains @EMTrains.

I thought this was a brilliant idea as I can offer you and your human-folk a comparison!!

So let’s start:

East Midlands Trains go from Nottingham which is a shorter journey for us – just 10 miles as opposed to 30 miles to Grantham for Virgin Trains East Coast.

East Midlands Trains arrive in St Pancras; Virgin Trains East Coast at King’s Cross so same place really for access to the Tube and such-like.

Parking at both is good but cheaper at Nottingham and there is a huge new car park there so that is a plus for the human-folk.

Neither rail service charges for us four-legs in either 1st or 2nd class and if your humans book well in advance the tickets are similarly priced for them on either service – they can get a 1st Class ticket for around £25 single which apparently is excellent…

I must say that staff on both rail services were super friendly to me BUT East Midlands Trains staff really did go out of their way to make a BIG fuss of me 🙂 From the get-go I got cuddles from everyone – Mick at the station; Steve on the platform and Mike on the train!

Hum didn’t fare as well as me however….

Virgin Rail put 1st Class peeps at the front of the trains so you don’t have to walk far at the station but with East Midlands Trains we were at the back.

Also Virgin Rail provide not just complimentary tea, coffee, water and biscuits for 1st Class passengers BUT also food and during the week they provide wine and beer and such-like (I knows this ‘cos the lovely lady with the trolley joked about whether I would like a beer when I travelled with them 😉

Unfortunately for Hum on East Midlands Trains you have to buy your food and at the weekend you have to go and queue at the Buffet to get your complimentary tea or coffee. During the week they do have trolley service but you still has to purchase the food .

Hum really likes her complimentary stuff and was real mean and wouldn’t buy us any food from the trolley on the way home even though I had already checked the menu and had in mind what I wanted 🙁 We hadn’t long had breakfast was her excuse but really she was just being stingy.

HOWEVER, as I said before East Midlands Trains staff are super-duper friendly to us dog-folk and the lovely Sally and Anthony went off and brought me two deliciously yummy slices of ham and fed me and gave me cuddles 🙂 Thanks Sally and Anthony – you deserve a bonus 🙂

SO to conclude, for us doggy peeps either rail service is very good – dog friendliness was top-notch however at East Midlands Trains so if you travel with them you will have a lovely journey; super enjoy and make new friends.

BUT if your Humans like to be catered for like my Hum does then travel with Virgin Train East Coast – you will still have a pleasant journey especially in 1st Class 🙂


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  • Jago
    19th October 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Oh, such a nice idea to review train travels Zuki 🙂 It’s nice to know that there is this option too 🙂

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