Zuki reviews Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Treats

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 7th December 2018 / News / 0 Comments

Hi again dog pals,

The lovely Lily’s Kitchen folk sent me a HUGE box with lots of Christmas goodies inside to sample and let your humans know what to get for your Christmas presents!

(Lily’s Kitchen; @lilyskitchen)

Inside the box were Advent Calendars; boxes of biscuits and lots of Christmas crackers filled with treats. There was even a tin of 3 bird dinner – I knows what I is having on Christmas Day! Yeah!

Hum let me open some windows on my Advent Calendar (I had never had one of those before) and the treats inside were really good. The Advent Calendar has Rise & Shines, Training Treats and Bedtime Biscuits inside behind the little windows and you get to open a window every day! I also got to open one of the Christmas Crackers and boy oh boy were those treats super yummy! These treats were proper Christmassy and bursting with delicious turkey, cranberries, thyme and cinnamon.

We gathered up some crackers and Advent Calendars and went out to the park to do some market research. Little Bella was SO excited she jumped in the air and grabbed her cracker! Bonnie also got super excited and pulled her cracker open to get at the treats.

Little Coco was also very taken by them although Bev kept them out of reach so he was unable to grab them.

We had to go back to Ravenshead so Hum walked me to the village and we stopped on the way to give a cracker to Pete who also found those treats super yummy.

Later Hum took me to visit K9 Kate the dog minder and I put more of the treats under the tree at her house for all the doggies in day care to enjoy.

Bow posed under the tree with the treats but after sitting nicely to see if we were allowed to try some, my pal Cosmo went straight in to the biscuit tin to sample those goodies.  The biscuit tin has all the treats from the Advent Calendar and the Christmas Cracker PLUS little Gingerbread Dog biscuits AND salmon shortbread!!! Yum Yum Yum!

SO dog pals, get your humans to get you some of these yummy goodies to put under the tree for you. My friends and I have really enjoyed sampling them and they are all delicious but those ones in the Cracker are totally amazing!

They can purchase by following the Link:

https://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=7262&awinaffid= 234909&clickref=zuki&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lilyskitchen.co.uk%2F

Zuki x

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