Zuki tests the Whalek Pet Cooling Pad

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 22nd April 2017 / News / 0 Comments

Hi again dog pals,

I has got another product to tell you and your human folk about.

Today I was testing out the Whalek Pet Cooling Pad. Had to wait for a sunny day to get best use out of it and as soon as the sun came out this morning Hum got the Cooling Pad out for me to try out.

The Whalek Pet Cooling Pad is very clever indeed. It doesn’t need water, freezing or electricity to activate. All you has to do is sit or lie on it and it works!!!!

This is because it contains a non-toxic cooling gel that activates as soon as pressure is applied so when I lay down on it, it started to cool my little belly straight away!!! Amazing!!!

Hum thought it was brilliant as she likes to sit in the conservatory when it is sunny and I like to be with her but it gets SO hot in there I often have to go back into the lounge to cool down.

Not anymore! I can now lie on my Whalek Pet Cooling Pad and be cool and comfortable 🙂

Hum also thought it would be good in the car on hot days so I tried it out and indeed I think it would be most useful especially on long journeys when it is hot and sunny.

Your humans may want to know more of the practical stuff so here we go:

The Whalek Pet Cooling Pad is tough, durable and puncture-resistant (although I wouldn’t bite it if I was you)

It is made from sturdy nylon and filled with non-toxic cooling gel

It can keep us pets cool of up to 8 hours at a time

It is easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth

It folds so easy to transport or use in different places

It really is a ‘cool’ product to keep us cool!

Zuki (totally chilled out now)



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