Zuki’s 1st Pets As Therapy Visit to Redgate School

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 10th January 2017 / News / 0 Comments

Hi dog pals,

Today I had my very first Pets As Therapy (@petsastherapy; @PetsAsTherapyUK) visit to Redgate School in Mansfield.

I was accepted as a PAT dog in December 2016 and Pauline, the Headteacher at Redgate School told Hum she’d be delighted to have me come and visit the pupils.

Redgate School is a small special primary school for children with moderate, severe and complex learning difficulties. Hum told me we was visiting a school with some very special children and dog pals she was absolutely correct!

Today I was invited to an Assembly. This is where all the pupils get together into a large room and the teachers give information to the whole school.

Today’s topic of information was ME dog pals! Little old me!!!! I was being introduced to the school and the pupils were being told about who I am; what I like doing; what I hate (e.g. being washed) and what I would be doing at the school as a PAT dog.

While I was waiting for all the children to come into the big room, there were a few children there early who I was able to pay attention to. Damian wanted to know if I was real; Ryan thought I was just like a teddy bear and Daniel told me about his dog. I let them all pat me on the top of my head and everyone said how lovely I was.

When all the children were in the room, Pauline put on a slide show of photos of me doing all the things I enjoy (playing ball; eating roast dinner; having my tummy rubbed) and then of me not enjoying my bath or being dressed in the silly outfits Hum makes me wear sometimes. I do like wearing my PAT tabard though as it is a good thing to wear.

The slide show was displayed REALLY big on 3 of the walls of the room! Hum held me up so all the children could see me and then I sat nicely at her feet and checked out everything that was going on.

After the slide show, Hum stood up and showed the children what they could do on my visits; that they could stroke me; cuddle me gently; tickle my ears; brush me; give me a drink and give me treats. She also told them how to behave – to get down to my level to stroke me and not to pull my tail.

After that Pauline asked who would like me to visit them and nearly the whole school put up their hands! That made me happy. 🙂

Pauline then asked if Hum would take me around so the individual pupils could meet me and pat me or stroke me or tickle my ears. Hum carried me around and I was very well behaved and most of the children patted me or cuddled me and it was lovely!

Everyone said how good I was seeing as it was my first ever visit as a PAT dog. I REALLY enjoyed it and am looking forward to going back next week!

And Hum was so proud of me she took me to the hot dog van on the way home for a well-deserved yummy sausage treat 🙂


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