Zuki’s Birthday Paw-ty

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 11th July 2017 / News / 1 Comment

Hi dog pals,

Sorry to take so long to tell you about this but I has been a really busy little dog recently – had to sort my annual accounts and such-like.

Anyways, Hum told me I simply MUST tell you all about my 3rd Birthday as I had a proper ‘Paw-ty’!

A couple of days before my birthday (June 4th in case you want to celebrate with me next year), a HUGHMONGOS box arrived at our house which Hum took into her office and tried to hide.

It was from Four Legged Fancies www.fourleggedfancies.co.uk and contained everything you would need to create a Dog Paw-ty!

I sent out invites to my friends Gracie and Mr Rolo and when the day arrived got most excited as Hum brought the BIG box into the conservatory and let me see what was in it!

Well my dear dog pals, it was A-Maz-Ing! In the box were balloons with paw prints on; a ginormous cake; plates with dog pictures on; paw-ty bags to give out at the end AND a Pass The Paw-cel!!!

There was also apparently a place to download music for the paw-ty featuring such appropriate songs as ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ and ‘How Much Is That Doggy in the Window’!!!

Hum was extremely pleased with the contents of the BIG box and we set to work sorting the balloons and arranging everything ready for my friends to arrive.

We had a wonderful time! Hum and Diana (Gracie and Mr Rolo’s Hum) had to explain how to play Pass the Paw-cel as we had never played that before. But it turned out to be a great game as every time the music stopped, one of us was able to open the paw-cel and got a toy or a treat!!! And very nice toys they were too! Mr Rolo got a rope toy; Gracie and ball and thrower and I got a combination of rope and ball!

After our game, whilst singing Happy Birthday, Hum brought out my cake with lots of candles on it for me to try to blow out – not easy for a little dog so everyone helped me.

The cake was delicious! Chicken flavour with Sausages sticking out the top. We all really enjoyed it and I think Mr Rolo might have eaten the whole thing had he been allowed!!

After a play with our toys in the garden, and the humans having a good old chin wag over a glass of wine, it was time for my friends to go home.

And not only did they get their toy from the Paw-cel, they also had another small toy and even more yummy treats in their Paw-ty Bag to go home with.

SO big thanks to Victoria at Four Legged Fancies – we had a truly fabulous time. I can defo recommend your Humans to sort you a Paw-ty for your next birthday.

Zuki xx

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One Comment

  • Glenn
    13th July 2017 at 7:19 am

    Looks like Zuki definitely enjoyed her PAW-ty!!!

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