Zuki’s Golden Gate Boat Trip to Longstone Lighthouse, Farne Islands

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So my dog friends,

Hum loves a boat trip and after educating me about Grace Darling in Bamburgh where there is a museum and her memorial, decided we was going on a boat trip to the Grace Darling Lighthouse.

Golden Gate Boat Trips is the only Boat Tour company which is both dog friendly and lets us four-legs off onto an island. This is ‘cos George, the Captain is the Farne Islands’ lighthouse keeper so I guess he must make the rules. In any case, he is the only skipper who can take you on a guided tour inside Grace Darling’s Lighthouse, Longstone.

We can do other boat trips with other companies but not get off onto any other islands ‘cos of the birds I thinks…

Now Hum LOVES her boats and goes all relaxed and serene and happy but I REALLY do not find it easy to find my sea legs! I is not keen on being on the water – it makes the boat wobble! But Hum gave me hugs and Captain George and Skipper Stuart gave me biscuits and then I realised all I need to do is lie down. Then I could be as relaxed as good old Hum. Take note dog pals – that is how best to travel by boat.

Captain George and skipper Stuart were lovely and I was not just allowed onto the island but also into the lighthouse. Not sure what Hum was so excited about – for me it was just going up and down lots of bendy stairs leading to rooms with stuff for the humans to read but hey – Hum enjoyed herself and as we all know Happy Hum = Happy me 🙂

Hum stood at the window where Grace Darling had stood and spotted the Forfarshire ship had hit the rocks and then went on to rescue the survivors. She and the other Humans found this fascinating and chatted away about how brave Grace Darling was.

After a quick explore of the island, we got back on the boat and although I offered to help with the steering, George kept charge and took us to see the place where the ship was wrecked and the rescue took place.

We also stopped to see some seals and George was brill and told the humans lots of stuff about the islands and the birds and wildlife and history etc. All the humans took lots of photos – not just Hum this time! Humans are funny that way – they seem to need to take a picture of everything in case they forget it happened…

We went back via more islands and saw lots of the native birds – some looked like penguins but were guillemots and there were puffins too and all the humans got excited – I mean REALLY very excited over them!

I got more biscuits and settled down nicely. Hum did her face in the wind, happy face and all was good in our world.

It wasn’t long before we were back at the harbour which our hotel overlooked.

So hey Dog Pals, find your sea legs; take your humans and enjoy! Ailsa, George and Stu are lovely and it really is a grand day out with Golden Gate Boat Tours!


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