Zuki’s new BioSafe Toy

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 23rd September 2015 / News / 0 Comments

Hi my doggie pals,

Human Mum (Hum) went out shopping today to get Ben some stuff for University where he is going to be educated apparently ‘cos he needs it apparently….nuff said.

Anyway when she came back home she had got me a present! I LOVE when Hum goes shopping ‘cos she often buys me stuff ‘cos she feels guilty leaving me. Not that I am spoilt or precious or anything….

Anyway let me tell you about this toy. It is in the shape of a lemon and is special ‘cos it is BioSafe.

Hum had met the lovely Bev Panter at a Social Media Course she went on. Bev owns Rosewood Pet Products and they have these BioSafe toys for us dogs!

I had to ask Hum what BioSafe meant but apparently they have something called BioCote incorporated into the toy and that means the toys resist the growth of bacteria and so are safe if for example you have little people in the house and they touch the toy after we have been playing with it!

Pretty amazing stuff really – Hum wanted me to try one out ‘cos we get visited sometimes by little ‘M’ and little ‘M’s’ Mum worries about my germs I think…especially as little people don’t always know the difference between their toys and ours.

SO I had a good play of chase in the garden with my lemon toy and it is really easy to grip with my teeth AND it Squeaks!! Yeah! I love a squeaky toy! Then I had a good old chew to test how tough it is and it IS tough! Hum says it smells nice too!

So here we are – a big thumbs up for Rosewood Pet Products and a BIG THANKS to Bev for them producing great toys!


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