Zuki’s Swimming Lesson

Posted By Hazel Winstanley / 28th January 2016 / Days Out / 1 Comment

Well my dog pals,

I have had quite a day today! When Hum went to meet Joe from @boundersphoto on Tuesday, he got us to meet him @SherwoodCanine (Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy).

Hum did not know this place existed and got all excited about the idea of a swimming pool for us doggy folks! Thing is Hum loves to swim and wants me to join her BUT I is scared of the water! Think it was ‘cos the first day I arrived with Hum I didn’t know about the pond in the garden and I fell in and it was really REALLY scary!

That and the fact that I don’t like getting my beautiful hair wet ;-). Hum  should understand that one – I know when she does her swimming thing she does ‘Mummy swimming’ where she keeps her head out of the water so as not to get her hair wet.

Anyway back to today – when Hum found out that Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy was not just for dogs with injuries or aches & pains, she decided to book me in for a ‘Fun Swim’ so I could get used to the water and might be able to swim with her at the seaside. Mmmmm I thought – Fun for who???

I certainly was NOT looking forward to this.

When we got to Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy we met Connor and he took us through to the pool room. I had to put on a floatation aid (a sort of padded coat thing) – and you know how I hate coats so not the best of starts.  But Connor was real nice and said most dogs aren’t keen on wearing these things but they do help with the swimming stuff.

Connor took me to a little ramp that led into the pool and tried to encourage me in. He tried with toys and balls but I was wise to that trick so he had to just dump me in – I hadn’t realised the floatation thing had a handle on it he could pick me up with! Cheeky Connor!!!

At first I really did not like this AT ALL and tried to get out and show my feelings by huffing and puffing and pretending to have to gasp for air and such-like but Connor seemed to be wise to my tricks too and just kept putting me back in..

Hum went to the end of the pool and called me and got me to swim to her and well what do you know I started to feel OK and actually to enjoy myself and by the end of the session was jumping in by myself and swimming to Hum!

So BIG thanks to Connor (I did give him a few soppy thank you kisses) and I know I have a happy Hum. I wasn’t keen on the shower after OR the blow dry machine – it was more like a reverse hoover and really powerful (I don’t like hoovers either)…so instead Hum wrapped me in my towel-coat and made me wear that all the way home and Yes you’ve guessed it, I am not a big fan of towel-coat either but it was better than the big blower!

Well I need some rest now ‘cos I is exhausted after all this exercise but you may be pleased to know I have booked in for next week – will maybe do a video to share with you all.


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One Comment

  • Margaret Oliver
    29th January 2016 at 8:34 pm

    Did not realise that the hydrotherapy places did fun swims great information to know.

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